Facebook Inc (FB) Unveils Mobile Like Button For Sharing From Apps

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) just introduced a ‘Like’ button feature for mobile devices that would allow users to share content from third-party applications. This feature is in the beta phase and will go live in the coming weeks.

Facebook Inc (FB) Unveils Mobile Like Button For Sharing From Apps

Facebook’s new social feature for third-party apps

Third-party application owners can add the ‘Like’ button feature on their apps. The social media giant also plans to offer a tool that allows users on the mobile web to install mobile applications.

Other highlights at Facebook’s big event on Wednesday include the launch of Facebook Audience Network. The new feature was designed for companies to advertise using the site’s user data on third-party applications. This feature uses Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s powerful targeting while offering access the website’s advertisers.

The significance of mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is a significant business for Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s company boasted it has over 1 million advertisers using the platform. Mobile advertisements now account for about 59% of overall advertising revenue during the first quarter of 2013. Ad Age summed it up, “Announced at its developer conference f8 today, the “audience network” is partnering with a relatively small set of publishers that include the Huffington Post, vintage clothing site Vinted and popular game Cut the Rope. Banners and interstitials as well as more native formats that can mimic the ad experience of Facebook’s own news feed ads will be shown. Target, Coca-Cola and Audible have been advertisers during the recent test.”

Zuckerberg added this is the first time his company will help people monetize on mobile. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s new venture in mobile technology is still in the experimental stage. Although Facebook has shown success in the marketing ad sector, only time will tell if Facebook becomes powerful enough to be a valid competitor in the mobile ad business. Only time will tell if and when the company flourishes.


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