Facebook Inc (FB) Post Helped Thieves To Rob A House


A post on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) landed a family in trouble recently. Last Friday, Gina Taylor posted on Facebook that she was on her way for the Canucks game in Vancouver along with her family. At that time, she hardly knew that thieves were also active on the biggest social networking site, but they were, and read her post, and robbed the house.Facebook Inc (FB) Post Helped Thieves To Rob A House

Thieves have Facebook accounts too

On Saturday, along with the valuables in the house, thieves also stole a vehicle that belonged to Taylor. Thieves robbed almost everything in the house and carried it in the vehicle. Things like computers, TVs and other electronic gadgets were robbed along with jeans and hats. Neighbors saw the thieves loading the vehicle with the stolen items along with groceries, but they thought that the family was moving from the place, according to a report from CBC. All the items were uninsured, and the robbery cost Taylor around $20,000.

Taylor is pretty sure that the thieves read her post on Facebook and planned to rob the house. She is suggesting everyone to avoid sharing personal updates online.

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Facebook becoming a hub for criminal offenses

Another report, which was published few months back, noted that more than a thousand criminal offenses along with sexual harassment were facilitated by Facebook.

In the U.K., police said that users are attacked due to some heated arguments on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), and the social networking giant is being used as a gateway to criminal wrongdoings. Criminals also use the site to publicize their gory crimes.  For instance, a man posted pictures of his dead wife on Facebook after murdering her.

Suicide incident linked to Facebook

Just a month back, teenager Rebecca Sedwick killed herself, and the parents of the victim blamed some teenage girls for intimidating Sedwick on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). However, the parents of one of the accused kids said that their daughter was not involved in bullying, and they regular monitor their children’s lives.

“I would check her Facebook every time she would get on it,” the suspect’s mother told ABC News, earlier.

Two teenagers were arrested and charged with bullying and compelling Rebecca to suicide, who celebrated her 13th birthday few days back before dying. Rebecca was thrashed through messages on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) calling her ugly and telling her to “drink bleach and die,” which encouraged her to commit suicide, according to the police.

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