Facebook Inc (FB) Introduces Stickers to Chat Messages on the Web

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Here’s a good news for those who spend more time chatting on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). The social networking company now allows users to send stickers to their friends using the private messaging feature on the web, right from its website.

Stickers Are Added To The Web Version Of Facebook

Stickers are not something new, as we’ve previously seen them on Messaging apps on both iOS and Android devices, and now from today, the same stickers are added to the web version of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB).

To send a sticker, go to the Messages window on Facebook and tap on the smiley icon. You can now scroll from the top to find the sticker pack that interests you and then click on it to send it to your friend. If you want more stickers, then you can click on the basket icon to purchase more stickers which can then be sent to your friends.

For now, you can choose from 16 free packs to add to your messages, and it might be possible that Facebook adds more stickers in the near future. The Sticker store also features the Despicable Me 2 stickers and they are currently available for free.

Facebook Inc (FB) Introduces Stickers to Chat Messages on the Web

Stickers for now can help Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) keep users away from other messaging apps that have recently become popular. These fun little emoticons and icons could be a reason for users to stay with Facebook Messages, rather than choosing Google Hangouts for example. Hangouts is the new unified chat system from Google that combines Google+, Google Messenger and Google Talk. However, Hangouts at this moment doesn’t have stickers.

Companies like Path and Aviary have already added stickers and it helps them to increase the revenue. A popular messaging app called Line has also revealed that stickers alone helped the company bring in $17 million revenue – now that for sure is a big figure.

Well, now that stickers are available on the web, you don’t need to rely on mobile apps anymore. Send those fun little things from anywhere, be it mobile apps or the web – the choice is yours.

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