Facebook Inc (FB) Integrates With PS4 For Gamers Identity

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In efforts to create a friendly online community for gamers, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is partnering up with Playstation 4 so users can connect their Facebook accounts to their gaming accounts. This is to help build a community of trust and to combat online gaming abuse.

Facebook Inc (FB) Integrates With PS4 For Gamers Identity

Playstation 4 owners can now share on Facebook

Playstation 4 owners can share game screenshots and videos with their friends on Facebook. Users can also promote livestreaming from Ustream and Twitch without having to download a separate application to do so. Instead, users will rely on built-in web browsers instead.

Colin Creitz, an engineer for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB),  explained, “One of the things that came out of our experience with the previous generation of consoles is that we found that maintaining the native apps was a relatively high maintenance burden, and didn’t really lead to a high fidelity experience. In this generation of consoles, all of them have very capable browsers. The PS4’s browser … it’s actually pretty pleasant.”

Facebook customizing the social network experience

Creitz added that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s partnership games team is trying to customize the social network experience for browsers. The team will also test usage patterns and put forth the effort of sharing content such as videos. It’s that particular content that will show up on PS4’s “What’s New” section with other various content.

He also explained, “One way you can establish your real identity is by using your Facebook login. It’ll bring in your Facebook profile picture and you have the opportunity to manage whether people are looking at your PSN avatar or your Facebook profile picture, [which is displayed] on a per-other user basis.”

The video gaming industry is making some serious changes and this is just one of the many new changes taking place. The mobile and social media industries have the changed the way consumers play videos games. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s partnership should prove to benefit the overall Playstation 4 gaming community.

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