Facebook Inc (FB) Execs Exercise RSUs, Some Sell Shares


Five Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) executives have notified the Securities and Exchange Commission that they’ve made some moves regarding their company’s stock in the market. David Fischer, Facebook’s vice president of Business and Marketing Partnerships; Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman; Chief Accounting Officer Jas Athwal; Vice President and General Counsel Colin Stretch and Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer have all moved on hundreds of thousands of restricted stock units.

Facebook Inc (FB) Execs Exercise RSUs, Some Sell Shares

Facebook executives exercise restricted stock units

All five of them were exercising restricted stock units. According to David Cohen of AllFacebook, Fischer exercised a little under 118,000 Class-A shares. Those were expected to expire May 19, 2020. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) withheld about 61,500 shares to cover income tax withholding and remittance obligations. As a result, Fischer received about 56,400 shares of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). In all, he how holds about half a million shares of the company.

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Ebersman exercised 112,500 restricted units which would have expired Oct. 25, 2019. Facebook withheld 58,703 shares, leaving him with a little under 54,000 shares out of that lot. In all now, the executive owns almost 700,000 shares of Facebook.

Stretch exercised about 8,300 restricted units which would have expired May 19, 2020. Facebook withheld 4,350, leaving him with almost 4,000 shares from that lot. In all, he now has about 46,000 shares of the company.

Two executives also sell a few Facebook shares

Athwal exercised about 7,000 restricted stock units which would have expired on Aug. 25, 2020. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) withheld about 3,700 of the shares, leaving him with 3,388 shares from that lot. In addition, he exercised 516 additional units which would have expired May 2, 2022. The company withheld 270 of those shares, leaving him with 246 shares from that lot. Athwal also sold 10,000 shares at $48.46 per share, and he now has about 150,000 shares of Facebook.

Schroepfer exercised 18,750 restricted shares which would have expired August 25, 2019. The company withheld a little under 10,000 of those shares, giving Schroepfer almost 9,000 more shares of the company. After exercising those options, however, he sold 25,000 shares of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) at a price of $48.46 per share. He was left with almost 634,000 shares of the social network.

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