Facebook Inc (FB) Down Right Now [UPDATE: BACK]

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Without a word, Facebook’s main website was back up and running. There’s been no comment what caused the outage that may not have even lasted five minutes. It’s amazing how the world comes to a screeching halt when the social network is down. Just for kicks, here are some of the more entertaining tweets on the subject:

OK, got carried away here, but you get my drift…



Facebook Inc (FB) Down Right Now [UPDATE: BACK]

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s main website has gone down, and now the world apparently doesn’t know what to do. In true social media fashion, people have taken to Twitter to complain and see if the social network is down for others. Don’t worry. It is. Interstingly enough, the two websites we normally check outages are down too—IsItDownRightNow and DownRightNow are both… down.

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