Facebook Inc (FB) Data Reveals Battle Of The Sexes [STUDY]

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A study analyses data from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and provides a detailed picture of how ‘Mr and Mrs.  Average’ behave as they move up age wise. The study takes into account data from 1 million Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users revealing how men and women develop an inclination for a different topic at different ages.  The study used anonymous data given by millions of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users, including their statuses record, ‘likes’ and ‘interests’ etc.

Facebook Inc (FB) Data Reveals Battle Of The Sexes [STUDY]

The study shows that women take exercise seriously from the age of 34 while average men appear to be more complacent till their 45th birthday, and only then think of getting back in to shape.

When it comes to books, women’s interests are at peak at 22 and men, unlike their counterparts, wait till 50 to develop a taste for reading.

Coming to workplace, the study shows that men change their focus from workplace after the age of 30 while women wait for 8 more years to do so.

On one point, both men and women had a consensus, both care most about fashion aged 16.

In terms of talking about TV’s men beat average women. The study found that women start talking about television most at 44 while men do it at 31.

A woman is most likely to see a film in a cinema at 19 while men are most likely to see a film at 31.

On traveling, men are most interested at 29 while women are most interested in travel at 27.

Talking about food and drink, woman talk most at 35, men do that at 38.

General Observations

The study also reveals some general observations like, as people get older; they talk less about video games and more about politics. And men talk more about sports and technology than women.

One of the most common topics of discussion for middle aged was found to be weather.

Comments from researchers

The British scientist, Stephen Wolfram who is responsible for the study, has also created the Wolfram Alpha search engine used by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT).

The scientist told recently that it is “shocking” how much a study can reveal about the evolution of changes in the attitude.

Talking about the data, he says “…..And it’s letting us discover all sorts of phenomena. That have the potential to help us understand much more about society and about ourselves. “

Carl Miller, of think-tank Demos told that if similar monitoring is done in “real time” it could help in locating changes, in people’s mood.

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