Facebook Inc (FB): Ask Questions At Q&A with Mark


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg will host his first community Q&A session next Thursday at 5 p.m. Eastern time, where folks can ask the CEO any question they want. The event will last for an hour, will be live-streamed. The event will be similar to the Q&A sessions that Zuckerberg conducts every Friday with Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) employees.

Facebook Inc (FB): Ask Questions At Q&A with Mark

An interesting event to watch

This event will be similar to the “Ask me anything” Q&A  on Reddit, but is expected to have more followers as the show will be conducted by none other than Zuckerberg, CEO of the world’s largest social networking platform. Users are free to submit questions on the event’s Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) page, and they can also “like” the questions posted by others.

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Within an hour of Thursday’s announcement there were around thousand questions posted ranging from privacy to how to download Messenger, to the absence of a “dislike” button to Zuckerberg’s thought about Twitter.

There were some questions that were futuristic such as “How will artificial intelligence or AI play into the future of social networks and infrastructure, like our roads and even health delivery systems?” There were some fun questions too, such as, “How many Instagrams are in a kilogram?” There were also some interesting questions such as “To what extent are CEOs of companies with large user/customer bases responsible for users?”.

Q&A sessions help Facebook (FB) CEO learn

Zuckerberg said that in the past employees have asked him various questions regarding the direction of the company, dynamics of the world and how to enhance Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). He said, “I learn a lot from these Q&As and the questions people ask help us build better services.”

Just few days back, Zuckerberg held a Q&A session at Tsinghua University, where he answered questions in Chinese.

Audiences at the university hooted and clapped when Zuckerberg answered in reasonably good Mandarin. During the interview, the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO also cited the reasons why he felt the need to learn Mandarin. One reason was that his wife is Chinese, and her family usually converses in Mandarin. The effort was largely praised by the media, who thought that the fluency or grammatical errors Zuckerberg made were not a big deal, and instead his decision to speak Mandarin should be applauded.

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