Facebook Inc (FB) Allures Small Businesses With Mobile Ads

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is gearing up to become a significant part for the small businesses. The social networking site is making efforts to establish the importance of the mobile platform for the small businesses. According to comScore, 20% of the time spent on the mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is spent on Facebook, according to Poughkeepsiejournal.

Facebook Inc (FB) Allures Small Businesses With Mobile Ads

Users spent more time on Facebook

Entrepreneurs or businessmen who think that their clients are not on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) would be surprised to know what Harrison Lindsey, digital content coordinator for Yeti Coolers in Austin figured out in a research. The research revealed that a customer spent two to three hours on Facebook every day. The executive added that they are “passionate and want to be engaged.”

Businesses are fond of putting their ads on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) because these ads are open to users along with the updates from friends and family.

Recently, the social networker came up with Facebook fit, which a small business boot camp tour was finishing on Tuesday at the headquarters in Menlo Park, California. Dan Levy, Facebook Inc’s director of global small business said, that people take Facebook as a social platform, which is right, because it’s about real people, but the company will succeed only when it fuels the real business results and not the social results.

Targeting becomes easier

Facebook offers an option to show ads on the right hand column, but small businesses prefer to show the content in the news feed. The site is designed such that ads from businesses reach a narrowly targeted audience. The companies like Divas SnowGear of Oregon, Wisconsin, maker of outerwear for female snowmobile riders were unable to target such audiences, earlier.

Wendy Gavinski, Divas SnowGear founder and president said, “We did traditional advertising through magazines, print, race booklets, banner ads on snowmobile websites,” but 99% of the readership is male.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is a platform, where methods to find the prospects is not contained to few options. Prospects such as college graduates, new neighbors, customers with kids of a particular age, profession wise can be targeted through the social platform. In this way, companies can focus their entire marketing budget on the most likely prospects. Levy mentioned that if somebody wants to invest in the business, they should invest in a way that it reaches people important for the business.

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