Facebook Emoticons Soon To Land On FB Status

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via: CNET

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) wants to enhance the social media experience for users by adding emoticon options for status updates. Tech Crunch reports that the company rolled out the emoticon feature on its website and mobile application.

Facebook gave CNET some screenshots of the new feature just so users can see what to expect. Users will locate a question underneath their status update box that says “What are you doing?”. Once that choice is selected, the user can then choose from a small menu of options, which asks what they’re feeling, eating, drinking, watching, listening to, or reading. Choosing any of the aforementioned choices gives the user another menu of choices. For instance, a user who chooses “eating”, can select the meal or food he/she is eating.

As for the rest of the details, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) plans on keeping quiet. They did share the following note, “It’s just a new way for people to visually represent what they’re doing and how they’re feeling through their Facebook posts. It will only be available to [a] small set of people. This isn’t integrated into Graph Search. It’s just a small test to see if people are interested in sharing their actions in a more visual way.”

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Interesting enough, Facebook’s new feature is similar to features found on less popular social media websites like LiveJournal and MySpace.

There is no word on whether this new feature will become a popular one, but a few commenters on CNET’s post were not thrilled with  Facebook’s latest enhancement.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) unveiled this new emoticon feature to assist its users find a new avenue to express themselves online. This isn’t the first time the website has introduced emoticons. Last year, they enabled users share emoticons on comments only. This is a significant upgrade for social media users who love sharing all the little details of their life on the website.

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