Facebook At Work Launching Soon [REPORT]

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Facebook’s expansion into the workplace is on the horizon as it will soon launch (probably next month) Facebook at Work, according to TechCrunch. Its latest offering will have the same look, features, and tools and give the feel of the popular social network platform but without advertisements, CNET reported last year.

Facebook At Work won’t be free

Facebook at Work will be an all-inclusive tool in which employees will get a “Work Feed” for sharing ideas and all of Facebook’s existing texts and live features, along with events and video calling tools. With Facebook at Work, companies will supposedly have a better control over employees’ networks, and the employees won’t have to use their personal Facebook accounts for work.

According to TechCrunch, the social networking giant will soon declare its launch integrations and associations with other SaaS tool providers, including Asana. The new app will definitely come with a price tag, and the companies will probably have to pay on a per-user basis price model adopted by other tools such as Yammer and Slack, notes TechCrunch.

In 2015, Lars Rasmussen, the Facebook engineering director heading up the project, told TechCrunch that other than the iOS and Android apps, a website version of the work app will also be available to partners through Facebook’s main site.

Relatively easy for users

Facebook will not have to struggle to get customers, considering that almost everyone is familiar with the interface and does not require any know-how session when it comes to using the platform. Still, it all boils down to how Facebook uses its name and clout to promote its new app to compete with established rivals such as like Microsoft’s Yammer and Skype, VMWare’s Socialcast, Slack and Convo, which also offer collaboration tools like messaging, postings, chatting and other similar features to businesses of various sizes.

The social network giant, with the launch of Facebook at Work, is looking to prove itself as a legitimate business tool. Facebook is used by many businesses for promotional activities, but they limit their employees from using the same platform. The social networking site wants to break this stigma, and hence, is releasing the new platform.

Last year, mail from a Facebook spokesperson to CNET, read, “We know that people use Facebook to connect and collaborate and the same way we connect people, we want to connect coworkers. Internally at Facebook we’ve been using our product for years, and now we’re ready to start testing Facebook at Work with a handful of partners.”f

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