Facebook Inc To Tell Advertisers What Users Are Talking About


Facebook is the preferred social networking platform for advertisers, which are constantly trying to figure out ways to make their ads more appealing to customers. The social network seeks to help out advertisers and has come up with a way to let advertisers know what their customers on the social network are talking about, says a report from CNET.

Facebook Inc To Tell Advertisers What Users Are Talking About

More help to advertisers from Facebook

Facebook is making sincere efforts to help advertisers understand how its services are used by customers, and for this it has taken several steps. The partnership with DataSift is the latest move by the company.

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Soon it will be possible for advertisers to figure out what customers belonging to different demographics are talking about the most on the network. Viewing the results can be beneficial for advertisers. For example, a clothing company will definitely be interested in knowing what clothing items are being talked about by users on Facebook.

Facebook is very concerned about the privacy of its users and therefore claims that the information being sent to DataSift is aggregated, anonymous and not usable for specific ad targeting but will help advertisers make better conclusions regarding the popularity of their products.

Analytics in demand

Advertisers spending on Facebook are very much interested in knowing the effectiveness of the ads placed by them on the platform. The social network also has come up with services to help advertisers send ads to users both while using the network and also while the customers are using any apps or are not even logged in.

Apart from Facebook, other social platforms are also making use of analytics to provide more services to users and advertisers. Data from sites like Twitter is used by several analytics companies in hopes of figuring out what customers are actually looking for.

On Tuesday, Facebook closed down 2.38% at $77.55, while year to date, the stock is down by over 2%.

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