8 Reasons EVs Are The Future Of Transportation [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Statistics, reports and studies about electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming common in mainstream media. The influence of this new technology has many enthusiasts, and possibly skeptics, excited to hear about what the next advancement is for these vehicles.

Auto Loan Solutions created the below infographic, “8 Reasons EVs are the Future of Transportation,” as a resource for learning everything there is to know about EVs and their many benefits. Whether or not you believe in the ability of EVs to bring benefits to the environment and economy, this infographic will prove that you can’t doubt their influence on consumers and the automotive industry.

The environmental impact of our vehicles, and the worldwide dependency on oil, make EVs a clear solution. EVs are cost-effective, ultra low emission and just as powerful as traditional cars. In fact, current sales forecasts predict these vehicles will account for 35% of new car sales by 2040.

This is no surprise considering both Tesla and Ford have invested significant time and money in developing these vehicles. Ford has invested $4.5 billion toward developing 13 new EV models by 2020, and Tesla has committed to building 1,000,000 EVs in the same time frame. In the same year, London plans to become the world’s first big city ultra low emissions zone (ULEZ). ULEZ zones are currently located in 255 cities around the world, which restricts gasoline and diesel vehicles.

The increasing demand for these vehicles has lead to a growing number of Tesla Supercharger stations, which currently outnumber gas stations in Japan. Not to mention large shipping companies such as UPS are investing in EV fleets.


Read through the below infographic to learn more about the role EVs will soon have in our transportation industry, and their benefits to the economy and the environment.

8 Reasons EVs Are The Future Of Transportation

8 Reasons EVs Are The Future Of Transportation


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