How To Escape The Challenges Of Internet Censorship

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How To Escape The Challenges Of Internet Censorship by Ali Qamar

Internet censorship is a barrier while enjoying the benefits of internet technology. This censorship is  for the safety and welfare of the internet users. Yet, you cannot ignore that the process is a distraction. This article will discuss the probable ways as how to avoid censorship on the Internet.

The growth of the internet technology has made an influence on human activities and knowledge. But, the web domain not only includes the helpful educational information. There are complex, intricate and scary elements as well.

Certain types of malefic activities and harassments have accompanied the growth of the internet. The evil forces use the internet to deceive and fool the laymen for serving its interest. Hence, inappropriate internet usage has been an area of concern.

This is the main reasons beyond interest censorship. Are you are looking for specific data, Information, and content utilized in positive directions? The censorship might become an obstruction in this case.

Hence, people wonder as how to avoid censorship on the Internet. This article will discuss the different aspects and the attempts to Bypass Internet censorship.

Who might try to filter or block the internet?

It is important to identify the flocks that try to block the internet first. The next step should involve finding the probable ways to bypass internet block.

In most cases, these flocks are parents, the educational institutes, offices and commercial establishments. There are countries that offer robust protection to the right of free speech.

They also track the use of internet technology to control pornography, terrorism, criminal activities. This might even include measures to check the leakage of diplomatic or military communications. They also help in checking the copyright law infringements.

The concurrent standing in internet censorship

Internet censorship, in concurrent times, gets observed in various countries around the world. It is affecting around 20% of the internet users. Internet censorship is more of influence in China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

What are the most common methods for internet censorship?

The following measures are the most common methodologies for internet censorship:

IP Block:

IP blocking is the simplest method for content filtration. It restricts the access to some targeted websites.


A proxy having access to the censored web pages to take you through this problem. Blocked web pages can overcome the censorship by adding new IP addresses.

Filtration & Redirection of DNS:

This process returns a wrong IP address against the service request. It is one of the most sophisticated methods of content filtration


You can use numeric values for the IP address rather than the domain name to escape this challenge.

URL Filtering:

Educational institutes, organizations, and government agencies and offices use this method for internet censorship.  The URL requested target some specific anchor texts, contained in the URL. This challenge can be overcome in an easy way by using encrypted protocols. Tor and VPN are the best ways to escape this censorship.

Packet Filtration:

The process controls the access to the network by applying the firewall.


It is an effective way of Hacking. The process is completely based on the principal of impersonation. You should use the encrypted network connectivity to avoid these troubles.

TCP Reset:

It will involve the TCP connection blocked by existing filters. Ignore the resets to win over the challenge of censorship.

Deep Packet Inspection: 

This technology checks the data part of a packet, to seek the violations made to the set criteria. It can be an anchor text, targeted IP address & email as well as telephone numbers as in the instances of VoIP.

Use a secured VPN link for connecting to the remote servers. In an alternative way, you can even use the Tor technique to escape this form of internet censorship.

What can be the probable ways to escape the filtering?

There has been a discussion of finding the probable ways to avoid censorship on the Internet.  This endeavor forms the circumvention method. It needs a massive span of actions that vary between initiatives around the protected pathways.

In its simplest form, it needs a proxy that directs the web browser to pass through another system. It might lie somewhere, where internet censorship is not applied.

Few of these methodologies limits to the application of harsh filtration methods. The massive Chinese Firewall restricts the usual connectivity to the outgoing VPN.  But, the VPNs were out of the restrictions for years.


The simplest and most effective way would be the approach to avoid censorship with VPN. The traffic originating from your system will get redirected over the concerned VPN. If a network  operator wants to restrict, they will block the connectivity of the VPN.

DNS Server

Internet users often change DNS to bypass censorship, though it is not that effective. Few service providers filter by changing the DNS servers.  It redirects the requests made to the blocked sites to different sites.

The filtration is not blocking the request made for DNS Servers. Users can surpass the filter by establishing customized DNS servers on their devices. This would override the default DNS that the organization or the service provider employs.

If you are brainstorming as how to bypass blocked sites, this method can come to your help. Since it will help you to enjoy the benefits of internet technology


Tor helps in anonymous internet browsing. It routes the web browsing over encrypted network. This routing happens before emerging to a terminal point. This terminal point will be an unfiltered and uncensored location. But, you should not use this process for accessing unencrypted and sensitive data.

Tor will support you to access blocked web pages, irrespective of the connection. You should note that Tor features lower speed than usual browsing. This method will support you to escape censorship. But you should not make it your regular browsing practice. You can do it if you are from China, North Korea, Iran and the other middle-east nations.


You can access the blocked web pages using standard proxies. Its functions are almost like the VPNs. But, proxies are never as reliable and trustworthy as VPNs are. Proxies also have limitations on the programs to work. Hence, a VPN is a better alternative to Proxies.

Web based proxies can establish a faster connection to a censored website. You have to plug the website address to access it through the proxy. Remember, in certain cases, the proxies can get blocked itself.

SSH Tunnel

SSH Tunnels work just like the VPNs and it tunnels the traffic in a secure manner. SSH Tunneling is a worthy service to pay for. If you are a geek, you may have the SSH server that you can communicate in a remote way.


The techniques discussed above are the most noteworthy ways to bypass internet censorship. Each of these techniques features its own benefits.  Hence, it is up to the discretion of the user to select one or a few steps to serve the purpose.

But, if the most noteworthy needs selected, it is the VPN approach. It is because the process is efficient yet, simple to perform. Hence, this technique is especially relevant while discussing the ways to escape internet censorship.

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