Elon Musk is Surprised that Tesla is Alive

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Elon Musk is Surprised that Tesla is Alive

In this interview Elon Musk answers why he decided to produce electric cars.

1:10 Fully electric
2:43 Affodable Model 3
5:13 Every year we are doubling
6:25 They didn’t believe
8:20 We are better than BMW, Audi and Mercedes…
9:00 Apple’s electric car
10:20 Self-driving car is a future
13:10 We have to careful with AI
15:25 I’m surpised that Tesla is alive
17:00 What drives Elon Musk

0:23why electric cars what why is that important
0:28well the electric cars are zero mission at the car level so they’re not
0:32producing co2 or nitrous oxide or self rock sides or any of the sort of the
0:39noxious gases that I get any kind of combustion engine car would produce and
0:47so it if we can have sustainable energy production and combine that with
0:52electric cars we have a long-term sustainable future a nap
0:55how’s that going I mean you’ve made a a deal of progress but do you see us or
1:02having electric cars in 10 years time or is it going to be always a minority
1:06perceived no I think all transport with the exception of rockets will go fully
1:12that’s why I mean I see the value of of Tesla as in it as an accelerant as a
1:18catalyst in that transition
1:21I think Tesla maybe when one looks back on it from a historical perspective
1:26it might accelerate that transition by a decade maybe maybe more
1:31now this is a great car is an exciting drive but at the moment it’s just for

1:43that the Tesla strategy for the beginning has been to start off with a
1:47low volume high price car that was the sports car that we first did in
1:50partnership with lotus and then we have the Model S which is kind of a
1:55mid-priced mid volume car and actually when you when you look at the price of

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