Elon Musk Asked Flat Earth Believers An Important Question

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Elon Musk, the visionary CEO and founder of Tesla and SpaceX has many times shown his brilliant mind through his ideas and projects. Now, he has shown us that he knows how to ask important questions too. He asked flat Earth believers about other planets, Mars in particular.

The CEO of Tesla was wondering what do flat earth believers think about the rest of the solar system, since they, as their name suggests, are strongly convinced that our planet is disc-shaped and that all scientific theories and clues are false. The Flat-Earth society decided to answer Musk’s question on their Twitter account. However, many people were even more confused by their answer and have been wondering what does the Flat-Earth society truly believe in.

Musk knows a lot about astronomy and planetary theories. He believes in the possibility of a self-sustaining city on Mars, with a million people living on it within a few decades. Perhaps he asked this question of the Flat-Earth society because of his plan concerning humans colonizing Mars in the future. Here’s the question that he posted on his Twitter account:

Within a few hours, the Flat Earth Society answered via its verified Twitter account:

Pretty confusing, don’t you agree?

What we can’t understand is why does the Flat-Earth society believe in the scientific observations that the planet Mars is round. However, on the other hand, the society is strongly convinced that the scientific observations of our planet being round are fake, and that the planet is disc-shaped. It is the same scientific evidence that proves the observations on the red planet being a round planet that proves the Earth is round as well. However, the Flat Earth society doesn’t agree with the scientific evidence. They believe that all the other planets in the Solar System are rotating spheres, while our planet is a disc-shaped object suspended in space.

What do you think, did Elon Musk troll the flat earth believers, encouraging them to give an answer that to most people, obviously makes no sense?

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