Election And iPhone 5 Lead Yahoo’s Most Searched For List In 2012

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Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) recently published a list of their most searched for queries in 2012. Not surprisingly, this year’s list for the top searches overall included the 2012 election (number 1) and the iPhone 5 (number 2). It also included trivial stars, such as Kim Kardashian (number 3), up-and-coming model Kate Upton (number 4), and royalty figure Kate Middleton (number 5). The late legendary pop star Whitney Houson, Olympics, political polls, Lindsay Lohan, and Jennifer Lopez top the charts from 6 to 10 respectively.

Election And iPhone 5 Lead Yahoo's Most Searched For List In 2012

The results in this year’s list offer a good indication as to what was on everyone’s mind this year, and although the overall results were pretty trivial, as celebrities tended to dominate the chart, it does go to show you that politics, technology, and sports still matter.

Yahoo also shared a couple more detailed lists of popular searches for 2012. The most interesting list is the Top Searched Gadget list, which, not surprisingly, starts with three of Apple’s most popular gadgets. The iPhone 5 topped the list at number 1, iPad 3 took second place, and the iPad Mini landed in third place. Other gadgets on the list included Samsung Galaxy S III (4th place), Kindle Fire(5th place), iPhone 4 (6th place), nook (7th place), iPod Touch (8th place), Samsung Galaxy Tab (9th place), and Samsung Galaxy Note (10th place).

Another interesting list was the Top Searched Financial Terms list. Surprisingly, Facebook IPO topped the chart at number 1.  Not surprisingly, coupons ranked the list at number 2 and jobs ranked at number 3. Gas prices, which are another large concern, rank at number 3, FAFSA ranks at number 4, resume & cover letters at number 5, and gold prices ranked at number 7. Mortgage rates, student loans, and oil prices take spots 8 to 10 respectively.

Like the lists from Yahoo’s Top Searches  from previous years, this year’s list  is interesting, as it gives us a glimpse at what mattered to us the most that year. The times and trends may change year after year, but one thing will always remain the same: people will continue to search the Internet for things that matter the most.

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