Egyptian President, Mohammed Mursi, Embarks On Road To Dictatorship

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On January 12th, 1938, Werner von Blomberg commander in Chief of the German armed forces was accused of marrying a prostitute. Hermann Goering, the chief of the Luftwaffe, and a fanatic Nazi (later to be convicted at Nuremberg), was in attendence at Blomberg’s wedding. Blomberg was dismissed from his post, after Goering threatened to go public with the information. Many suspect that Goering and other high Nazi officials had a hand in arranging this whole scenario.

Egyptian President, Mohammed Mursi, Embarks On Road To Dictatorship

On February 4th, 1938, Commander-in-Chief of the German Army, Werner von Fritsch, was accused of being a homosexual. Hendrich Himmler and Goering had a direct hand in the affair. Fritsch was forced to resign. Fritsch and Blomberg had both aided Hitler, in the early 1930s,in taking more control of the Weimar Republic. Blomberg supported Hitler’s efforts to become a dicator on the condition that  Hitler strengthen the German armed forces. By 1938, Hitler no longer needed Blomberg or Fritsch, and replaced them with Jodl and Keitel, both two hardcore yes-men, and devout Nazis. Thus the last remaining controls over Hitler were gone. A year and a half later, Hitler would start World War II with the invasion of Poland.

On August 11th 2012, an Egyptian newspaper was censored over criticizing the ‘democratically elected president’, Mohammed Mursi. A day later, Mursi announced that he would remove the two leaders of the Egyptian military, Field Marshal Tantawi and Chief of staff Sami Annan. The news was a shock to the media, which has been completely duped by the entire uprising, since it began in January 2011. We have publicly predicted this scenario could happen, and have  mentioned Turkey as a recent example as well.

Let us be clear what we are not saying. We do NOT compare Mursi to Adolf Hitler. Nor do we think he will start World War three.

However, we do believe the president has no interest in democracy. He is already trying to consolidate power, and has kept Egyptian cenorship laws in place. The president has appointed almost no Coptic Christians, or women to his cabinet. Let us also mention that becoming a member of the Muslim Brotherhood is not easy. One does not go to the DMV and make an X next to their party affiliation. It takes many years to become a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the group has a fanatic ideology, which only Hadithis (or Wahabis) would be interested in. Mursi will lie through his teeth to get to the point where he can became a dictator. We will not get into a whole lengthy thesis of things, which Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood have said.

However, our point is, that now Egypt is at a crossroads again. We do not know how the Army will respond, nor what will happen. However, this is a dangerous moment. As we stated >a long time ago, there are three likely scenarios. 1. A Dictatorship by the Muslim Brotherhood 2. Some deal between the group and the army 3. an Army coup. The next few days will determine which one of the three we will see. However, no one should negate the severity of the current news out of Egypt.


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