SureFire Tips to Increase Your eBay Sales

SureFire Tips to Increase Your eBay Sales

Many eBay users have got the basics of selling Nailed down, however you, like many other sellers, may not be getting the results that you want from the Online Marketplace giant. Before you get started on a new selling platform, you should learn all you need to know about it.

Building sales on eBay can take time, planning, and some trials and errors, but by following the tips below, you will be well on your way to increasing your eBay Sales.

1. Trust is Key

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People are attracted to the brands that they trust, whether online or offline. The same ideology applies to sellers on eBay. You, therefore, need to present yourself as a Reputable seller. Building a brand around business is a good way to start, as this will increase the chance of return traffic and referrals.

eBay lets you develop a logo and you can choose your own username. If you are aiming to be a professional seller on eBay, then this brand should be implemented throughout your eBay Platform. Having a website associated with your brand can be an added advantage here, as people will believe they are dealing with an established business.

2. Product Presentation

Just as if you were running a shop, you would want your products to be presented nicely to entice visitors in. As eBay users cannot physically see the item that they are buying, it is vital to show all aspects of the product through the use of images and the product description.

The more information the better. If you have a Fantastic Product but fail to show it properly to customers, then they have no way of knowing how good it is.

A good listing should include high quality images, usually with the product shown from several angles, a comprehensive description, postage costs, the different payments that are accepted and, if the product is second hand, any damages that it has. If the item comes in different varieties, all the choices should also be shown.

3. Make Use of the Enhanced Listing Features

Many of the basic listing features for eBay are free to use, such as the ability to upload a photo. There are, however, many other options that sellers can utilize to make their listing that little bit more advanced. For example, a gallery of images can help to show customers exactly what your product is like, and can greatly increase sales.

Creating seasonal promotions and adding discount codes every now and again will keep your potential buyers engaged, checking regularly what you have to offer.

4. Remove Sales Barriers

In general, the more options that you give a customer, the more likely they are to make a purchase. This includes factors such as delivery and payment options or the color and size of products. It is becoming increasingly important to offer buyers option to use PayPal when they want to make a payment. Although this may be a more expensive option, over 90% of eBay listings offer it as a payment method, so you do not want to stand out as one that doesn’t.

5. Sell Internationally

Sure, this can mean a bit more work on your part when it comes to shipping, but offering your products globally can increase your potential market hugely. One of the biggest benefits Shopping Online sports is the fact that you can get products from all over the world. Therefore, you will instantly see the difference when you make this simple change to your listing.

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