Download Apple’s ‘Gather Round’ Event-Inspired And iPhone XS Wallpapers

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iPhone XS wallpapers

Last few days have been pretty eventful if you are an Apple enthusiast. First, Apple came out with official invitations for one of the most awaited events globally, i.e., the launch of the new iPhones. Next, marketing images of the iPhone XS somehow made their way online. The images as can be expected were stunning, showing the handset’s screen with beautiful wallpaper, seemingly the planet Jupiter. Those beautiful iPhone XS wallpapers are now available for download.

iPhone XS wallpapers – ready to download

Apple’s marketing images were dug up by the 9to5Mac, who also made sure that you don’t have to wait for the final version of the iOS 12 to download those amazing iPhone XS wallpapers. Now, you can easily download the iPhone XS wallpapers from this link.

Apple’s marketing images shows the 5.8-inch second-generation iPhone X, and the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Plus model. The wallpaper on the screen of the handset appears to show one-half of a round colorful object, possibly a planet. That colorful object fills about half of the display vertically. The other half is filled with black color, and does a good job of hiding the notch.

Inspired by this new wallpaper, a Graphic designer AR7 came up with images of the planet Jupiter directly from NASA. The images were optimized for the iPhone X and other iPhone models. The user tweeted three images, each showing Jupiter from a different angle and in the different color scheme.

Separately, talking about the iPhone XS, which has also been leaked in its entirety, is expected to come with upcoming A12 SoC. To support fast performance and multitasking, the handset will come with 3GB RAM. The iPhone XS would possibly be available in two variants – 128GB of storage and 512GB of storage.

Expected price of the entry-level variant could cross the $1000, considering Apple’s habit of raising the prices with each generation of iPhones. Further, the handset would come with improved rear cameras when compared to the iPhone X. Also, it would reportedly be equipped with an even better front camera, which many users complained wasn’t up to the mark in the last generation.

Apple’s invite good enough for wallpaper

It is not just the iPhone XS wallpapers that are in demand, Apple fans have also been clamoring over the art piece that the iPhone maker chose for its invitation. People love using such wallpapers that based on those art works for their iPhones, Macs and even Apple Watches. Soon after Apple’s invite became public, Matt Birchler came out with several images based on the artwork used in Apple’s recent invite.

Apple’s invite includes a golden circle, possibly suggesting the Apple Park, or bearing some relation to the upcoming Apple Watch series 4. Birchler’s wallpapers include this piece of artwork in a range of different colors. “As always, there are numerous color options and these are all high res (3840×3840) so they should look good on basically any screen you throw them at,” Birchler said in a blog post.

Moreover, Birchler is not the only one to have created the wallpapers based on the new Apple artwork. One Twitter user named – prolific AR7, also came up with new wallpapers, including the ones carrying Apple’s circular logo. These wallpapers, which are designed for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, are also amazing, and once you view them, there are good chances you will end up downloading all. You can download those wallpapers from this link.

Does leaked wallpaper hint a new feature?

Though it is unclear if there is any connection between the leaked iPhone XS wallpapers and the new features in the handset, speculations are that the Jupiter shown in the wallpaper is actually a pretty zoomed image of a soap bubble. Such speculations are supporting another speculation that the new iPhone will support macro photography.

Previously, there have been instances when Apple has licensed pictures from photographers for the wallpapers. However, for the iPhone XS wallpapers (carrying the Jupiter-like image), so far there hasn’t been any proof that it is licensed. This further airs the speculation that it is related to some new feature in the handset.

New wallpapers from Apple have always been one of the most-awaited things. Now, that we have some hint of what the wallpapers be, the desire to know more about the iOS 12  wallpapers have got intense. However, we don’t have to wait much as Apple has scheduled the press event on September 12th.

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