Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton are beginning their first presidential debate at 9PM EST on Monday September 26th 2016 – as we promised earlier we will have live coverage of the event of the fight of the century as Pepe the frog and Goldman Sachs fight to the death (JK – unless Clinton finds out that Trump has dirt on her and Breibarts him). We will bring you the latest substantive policies issues which will surely be discussed. the latest memos, drinking games, buzzwords and more. Before we start according to FCC rules I am required to state that I am a paid lobbyist for the Hillary Clinton Election PAC and I get $10,000 – JK – full disclosure I am not rooting for either candidate.

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Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump
Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton Image source : Wikimedia Commons

If anyone wants to catch live streaming coverage of the fight please do so here. NOTE: This is a NO trigger warning zone so any millennials following this live blog might want to shut off the internet and go to your RA for assistance.

Now we begin our pre-coverage!

First we want you to take our poll and give an honest opinion – obviously this is in a no way scientific and we do not even pretend to be Nate Silver and/or Scott Adams of Dilbert-level of analysis but its just some extra fun for our readers

Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton

For those not used to it – you need to know Pepe the frog to understand most of life and to get the jokes that will be made by Twitter trolls throughout the debate tonight – so below is a picture of the world’s most famous frog.

Photo by Pepé 666

As you may have read the Presidential polls for the popular vote and the electoral college are REALLY REALLY close so this debate could decide who is president for the next four or eight years – for better or worse!!

Jill Stein is being … Jill Stein in case you were wondering…

I am bi-partisan when it comes to jokes – this one was decent

Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton

The experts keep saying that Trump and Clinton each need to accomplish one thing – Trump needs to act sane and Clinton needs to act less robotic – probably a difficult task for both so let us see as the Presidential debate starts any moment.

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