Domino’s Pizza Introduces “Easy Order” Button

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Pizza chain Domino’s has come up with a novel way for customers to quickly order their favorite pie.

The company has recently been working on a number of innovative ways to make ordering a pizza quicker or more fun, and the latest one involves an “Easy Order” button.

Domino’s continues to work on innovations in pizza ordering

Domino’s previously offered customers the chance to customize their pizza on an iPad, have their food delivered by drone or tweet their order using emoji. This latest option is concerned with improving the speed with which orders are taken.

The “Easy Order” button lets you summon a pie with just a single click. The idea follows on from the Amazon Dash button, a one-click ordering button for a variety of household goods, and it seems puzzling that it has taken Domino’s so long to introduce the idea for pizza.

The button is supplied in a small Domino’s pizza box and pairs with an accompanying app via Bluetooth. In order to set it up you have to input your address and payment details on the Domino’s website or app, and then you can start ordering pizza faster than ever before.

One-click ordering increasingly common in modern homes

UK pizza fans will be the only ones able to use the button for the time being, and it should be introduced by December. A second batch will be given out in February 2016 in the UK and the company has not currently disclosed any plans to introduce the button to any other markets.

While the novelty of a physical “Easy Order” button may be attractive to some, you can also use the digital version on the Domino’s app. Click-to-order buttons may be increasingly common but there is a danger that living spaces will become cluttered with buttons for ordering everything from toilet roll to pizza.

For those trying to maintain a more minimal aesthetic it might be preferable to use the digital version, but the Domino’s “Easy Order” button does look pretty cool in its miniature box and could serve as a point of conversation between pizza fans.


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