Recently Discovered Video Interview with Seth Klarman

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Recently Discovered Video Interview with Seth KlarmanI am in the process of putting together a resource page on Seth Klarman (hopefully will be up today, but it might not be until next week) of Baupost Fund, and found a superb video interview (lasting about an hour) that Klarman gave in 2009. For anyone unfamiliar with Klarman, make yourself familar!

Here is some brief information:

Seth Klarman is a name that is almost unknown outside the value investing community. However, Klarman is undoubately one of the greatest investors of our time. Klarman manages Baupost Group, the 11th largest Hedge Fund in the US, with over $20 billion in assets. As reported on here on Value Walk, Warren Buffett is a big fan of Klarman. There is a rumor that Buffett keeps a copy of Klarman’s out of print and super expensive book Margin of Safety, by his bed. Seth Klarman’s Baupost fund has produced returns of approximately 20% annually since inception in 1983. Klarman has produced phenomenal returns despite the fact that he usually holds huge amounts of cash.

According to a lecture given by Bruce Greenwald: Warren Buffett says that when he retires, there are three people he would like to manage his money. First is Seth Klarman of the Baupost Group, who you will hear from later in the course. Next is Greg Alexander. Third is Li Lu.

Below are the videos, enjoy:

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