Why Developers Are Not Happy With Sony’s PlayStation 4.5 NEO

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Latest reports suggest that Sony is gearing up to unveil an upgraded PlayStation 4.5 gaming console, internally code-named NEO. It will be better equipped to handle the Japanese company’s upcoming PlayStation VR virtual reality headset. Sources familiar with the matter told Giant Bomb that NEO will feature an upgraded RAM, GPU, and CPU, along with the 4K resolution.

PlayStation 4.5 means more burden on developers

Giant Bomb adds that the HDD in the PlayStation 4.5 is the same as in the original PS4. However, game developers aren’t happy with the PlayStation NEO because Sony will reportedly prevent them from developing games specifically for the PlayStation NEO. The electronics giant didn’t want to anger its current customers, but may end up disappointing developers.

According to the report, Sony would require every PS4 title to be available in two different modes: base mode and NEO mode. While the base mode is for existing PS4, NEO mode will allow developers to enhance their resolution and graphics to take advantage of the upgraded hardware. It seems a fair deal for gamers. But it would put more burden on developers, who will have to test the game on both devices.

Extra cost, planning, other nonsense

It will lead to “extra cost, planning, other nonsense,” said Colin Moriarty of Kinda Funny Games. Both PS4 and PS NEO need to be supported at the same time. Sony is expected to unveil PlayStation 4.5 NEO in the fourth quarter of this year. The PlayStation VR will go on sale in October. Experts believe that PS NEO will be announced before then. Sony may even take the wraps off its upgraded console at the E3 gaming show in Los Angeles in June.

It is still unclear what the release of PlayStation 4.5 NEO would mean for the much-rumored PlayStation 5. Recently, Sony Computer Entertainment president Shuhei Yoshida indicated that the PS5 may never happen at all. Even if, and it’s a big IF, Sony considers PS5, it is likely years away.

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