David Einhorn From World Series of Poker 2013 Live

David Einhorn From World Series of Poker 2013 Live
David Einhorn InsiderMonkey (CC BY-ND 2.0)

David Einhorn is once again competing in the World Series of Poker Championship in Las Vegas. He is set to play in the One Drop High Roller tournament. Last year, he finished at third place and won $4.35 million which he donated to CityYear. The organization works to ensure that  students finish high school, and attempts to reduce the dropout rate. Last year, the tournament had 48 entrants, a number which has almost tripled this year with 122 entrants that have so far registered. David Einhorn will donate all his winnings to Playworks this year, a non profit organization which is working to transform schools and provide healthy physical activities and reduce bullying in schools.

David Einhorn From World Series of Poker 2013 Live

David Einhorn is all set and ready to play and he is tweeting updates from his Twitter @davidein (which has been confirmed to be real).



Seated on Table 446 along with Einhorn…, Brandon Steven, Blake Bohn, Tom Dwan, Alex Venovski, Joe Kuether. Einhorn has started with $300,000, we will update the status of the event as we hear more details.


4:49: Half the Blue Section World Series of Poker 6/26/2013 12:47:33 PM PST (about 59 minutes ago)

Table 446: Brandon Steven, Blake Bohn, David Einhorn, Tom Dwan, Alex Venovski, Joe Kuether,

Table 447: Layne Flack, Erick Lindgren, Nick Wong, Dan Kelly, Talal Shakerchi, Scott Seiver

Table 452: Ami Alibay, Jean-Robert Bellande, Phillip Sternheimer, Cary Katz, Paul Volpe, Byron Kaverman,

4:51: Einhorn is not playing yet or information is not available, we will post as soon as we receive it.

6:10: First word on actual poker playing from Einhorn, we will be updating now as we receive more information:


6:13: LAtest updates show Einhorn has 185,000 dollars left and is down -115,000, in 116th out of 120th place currently, Fabian Quoss leads with $490,000.

6:18: Einhorn still in same place, Vivek Rajkumar takes huge lead with $775,000.

6:30: some updates on Einhorn via WSOP.com

Toby Lewis opened for 2,800 from early position and received calls from David Einhorn and Tom “durrrr” Dwan in the cutoff and button respectively. After both blinds folded, the flop came down clostclostclost and Lewis fired out 7,000.

Einhorn quickly folded, Dwan called and the dealer burned and turned the clost. Lewis thought for about 20 seconds before betting 16,000 and Dwan took about half as long to release his hand.

Despite losing that pot, Dwan is still well above the starting stack and up there in the counts with Lewis.

6:33: We found video of Einhorn from last year it is embedded below:

7:57: Einhorn is not doing too well, here is the latest: Total cash (started with $300k) now down to $142,000. Stay tuned for further updates and were rooting for you David!

8:05: Einhorn has a nice hand (we hope to get details on it) just made $28k now back up to 170,000.

8:24: Einhorn tweets about the hand (a bit)

8:25: Einhorn is back in the game! He started with $300k, now David Einhorn is at $270.

8:27: Details of that hand below! 6/26/2013 5:23:38 PM PST (about 1 minutes ago)

Einhorn is Kenney! Kenney is Einhorn! Einhorn is a Man!

With around 75,000 in the pot and a board reading clostclostclostclost, David Einhorn checked from the big blind and Bryn Kenney did the same from the button. When the clost completed the board on the river, Einhorn tossed out a bet of 38,000 and Kenney called. Einhorn tabled the clostclost for a pair of tens and it was good as Kenney sent his cards to the muck. 247,00077,000 David Einhorn From World Series of Poker 2013 Live 199,000-51,000 

David Einhorn
Bryn Kenney

10:23: Einhorn has another big comeback now up at $425,000, well have details on the winning hand shortly. 10:26: Here is the hand info: 6/26/2013 7:04:21 PM PST (about 16 minutes ago)

“Wow, He Just Called”

David Einhorn raised to 5,000 in early position, Toby Lewis called on the button, and Paul Klann defended his big blind. The dealer fanned clostclostclost, Klann checked, and Einhorn continued for 12,000. Only Lewis called. The turn was the clost, Einhorn though for a bit then led out for 30,000, and Lewis called. The river was a repeat jack – the clost – and Einhorn fired a third and final bullet worth 80,000. “How much do you have left?” the Brit asked Einhorn. Einhorn didn’t budge, so Tom Dwan leaned over to get a look. “About one-sixty,” he told Lewis. Lewis reached for chips, and tossed enough forward to make the call. Einhorn turned over clostclost for aces full of jacks, and Lewis frowned before revealing clostclost for jacks full of aces. “Wow,” Alex Venovski said under his breath. “Wow,” Einhorn echoed. “He just called?” He turned to Dwan. “He just called,” Einhorn repeated. “I thought he had kings.” 425,000178,000 David Einhorn From World Series of Poker 2013 Live 247,000-158,000 

David Einhorn
Toby Lewis

11:08: Out of 142 contestants, David Einhorn is now in 22nd place. Below is a scoreboard for the top 22 slots einhorn   11:16: Einhorn now in 20th place up $25,000 to $450,000. 11:25: Einhorn explains his lack of tweeting. The Apple shareholder should perhaps consider a phone running on Android?

Thursday June 27th 8:55AM EST: David Einhorn ended yesterday with $517,000, and some tweets:

This is the only hand we have info on: Roger Sippl, Brandon Steven, and Davin Einhorn took a flop of clostclostclost. The trio checked, and the turn brought the clost. Sippl led out for 22,000, Steven raised to 75,000, and Einhorn folded. Sippl moved all in for nearly 200,000, and Steven snap-called. Sippl: clostclost Steven: clostclost “Whoa,” said a few players at the table when they saw the hands. Steven held as the clost bricked on the river, and Sippl was eliminated. 7:55PM EST: From middle position, Byron Kaverman raised to 20,000. Bill Perkins made the call from the hijack seat moments after hugging his friend and fell player David Einhorn who had just taken the seat next to him. Action then folded to Andrew Robl in the big blind, he tanked, then three-bet to 90,000. Kaverman got out of the way rather quickly, but Perkins wanted to think for a bit. Eventually, he too have it up, and Robl won the pot. “I was either shipping or folding,” commented Perkins to Robl after releasing his hand. “I had no ship juice.” “You had no ship juice?” asked Einhorn with a smile. “Nope, no ship juice,” responded Perkins. “Do they sell that at the cafeteria?” asked Einhorn to Perkins. “Good question,” answered Perkins. “I may need to go get some.”

1,180,000801,000 David Einhorn From World Series of Poker 2013 Live

Andrew Robl
Bill Perkins Byron Kaverman

7:13: Einhorn has some interesting comments in a tweet


9:08: David Einhorn eliminated here is the hand tweet from beforehand

Bill Perkins raised to 28,000 from early position, David Einhorn moved all in for 290,000 from the hijack seat, and the action folded back to Perkins, who grabbed chips.


He turned over clostclost. Einhorn was dominated with clostclost.

The board rolled out clostclostclostclostclost, and Einhorn was eliminated. The two good friends embraced after the hand, then Einhorn hit the rail.

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