David Einhorn on CNBC: Steve Ballmer Needs to Go

David Einhorn on CNBC: Steve Ballmer Needs to Go

David Einhorn yesterday talked about Microsoft, and stated that the CEO Steve Ballmer needs to go. David Einhorn liked the other aspects of the stock and thinks it is cheap. Today, David Einhorn did a rare public interview on TV discussing Ballmer and Microsoft. To see my coverage of Einhorn’s speech click on the following link- Ira Sohn Conference: David Einhorn on Microsoft and Delta Lloyd. To see David Einhorn’s resource page on Value Walk click on the following link-https://www.valuewalk.com/resource-page-2/current-value-investors/david-einhorn-resource-page/

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Disclosure: I sold shares of Microsoft several weeks ago (I have no position currently). I will be posting an article on Microsoft tomorrow.

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