Daily Journal Annual Meeting 2016 – Schedule

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Daily Journal Annual Meeting 2016 – Schedule  – we saw some people asking so we are posting this info below, courtesy of Whitney Tilson. Also see some of our superb Daily Journal coverage from last year below.

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Daily Journal Annual Meeting 2016

For you hard-core Buffett/Munger junkies, I just learned that the Daily Journal annual meeting is on Wed., Feb. 10th at 10am local time at 949 E. 2nd St., Los Angeles, CA.


Charlie Munger is the chairman and he takes questions for 2-3 hours, just like he used to at the Wesco meeting.


I flew out for it last year for the first time and am glad I did. Maybe 300 people were in attendance and everyone who wanted to ask a question was able to.


Munger is a rare gem and a font of wisdom – and at 92 years old, he won’t be doing this forever!


It’s not recorded (much less webcast) and, unlike the Berkshire meeting, I don’t recall anyone publishing extensive notes (though I could be wrong about that).


You do NOT need to be a shareholder to attend – I’m sure they don’t advertise this, but effectively it’s open to the public.


I’m doing it as a day trip from NYC. I’m on the earliest flight (the 6am JetBlue from JFK), landing at 9:18am and it’s 21 miles away from LAX, so I’ll probably be there by 10:15-10:30 and miss a few questions. Then I’ll have a meeting or two and am taking the last non-redeye back, the 4:50pm departure (also JBLU), landing at JFK at 12:58am.


I hope to see you there!


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