CSX Assist Ohio Residents Affected By Rail Car Leak

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CSX said its subsidiary CSX Transportation is working with the first responders in Ohio to provide assistance to the hundreds of residents who were evacuated from their homes after a rail car started leaking a liquid.

Local responders believed that the liquid is highly flammable and toxic. CSX Corporation has a cleanup team working with local responders in the location of the leak at Willard, approximately 65 miles southwest of Cleveland.

Twitter used effectively to communicate immediate issue

The City of Willard posted a series of messages on its Twitter Page, which reads, “A rail car, containing highly flammable liquid, has developed a significant hole and the liquid is pouring out of the tank.”

“Willard Public Safety and CSX clean-up crews are on the scene, but the situation is very dangerous, and the cleanup will take a while.”

According to City Manager Brian Humpphress, a report regarding the leak from the tanker was received around 11:45 in the evening on Tuesday.

Leak is already contained, CSX will work to resolve incident

CSX established a community outreach center at the Willard Town Hall. The company is also securing hotel rooms for the residents displaced by the spill. The company said the rail car leaked styrene monomer, a flammable product used to manufacture plastics.

The company explained that a derailment in the CSX Willard yard damaged the tank car. CSX said that leak was already contained, and expressed its gratitude to the first responders in the situation. The company promised to work with the responders and the community to resolve the incident immediately and safely as possibly.

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