Everyday Ways You Break The Law [INFOGRAPHIC]

Everyday Ways You Break The Law [INFOGRAPHIC]

The vast majority of us are law-abiding citizens who wouldn’t dream of doing anything against the law. We believe that laws are there to be upheld and to keep peace amongst society, and will naturally not do anything to break them. However, there are some laws which are set in place that people may not be aware of, and therefore you may be breaking the law without even realising it. For example, most people will know that drinking alcohol while driving is definitely illegal, but drinking or eating anything, even just some bottled water, is also against the law as it’s a distraction from driving. Also, when you beep your car horn, it should only be to warn other drivers of any dangers or potential dangers, rather than to merely show your annoyance for something they’ve done!

As well as inadvertently breaking the law because people may not even be aware that the law exists, some laws seem to have less of a taboo attached to them, and therefore some people believe that they are fine to break occasionally. For example, how many of us have accidentally ever been speeding? Even if it was just when overtaking a cyclist, and perhaps 30 increased to 35, that’s still technically breaking the law. And how many of us have parked on some double yellow lines, even if it was just for a couple of minutes to pop into the local Chinese takeaway?

Our latest infographic tells you all about these laws that you may well be breaking every day, whether it’s driving laws, in the garden, or in the home. We’ve also scored them on our own level of severity to give you an idea of which laws we believe are worse to break than others. Take a look at the infographic below to find out more about these laws that some of us may be breaking every day.

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Everyday Ways You Break The Law


Everyday Ways You Break The Law [INFOGRAPHIC]


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