Counterfeit Money: The History of Fake Currency

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Counterfeit Money: The History of Fake Currency

The global economy today isn’t in the best shape it’s ever been. With the on-going financial crises taking place both in the US and around the world, people are losing their faith in the financial system as the cost of living keeps rising higher and higher and the value of their savings continues to fall. However, beyond the justified concerns about the way the big banks are conducting business, there is an underestimated threat to the economy to which we often don’t pay a great deal of attention: currency counterfeiting.

Currency counterfeiting is and has for a long time been a major problem in the US and abroad, and anyone who’s had their money declined at the point of sale will tell you of the troubles forgeries can cause. At the present time of writing, it is estimated by some economists that as much as $220 million of forged bills could be in circulation in America right now. Suffice it to say, for certain unscrupulous fraudsters, the counterfeiting game is big business.

In this eye-opening infographic from IronFX, we’ll see what the story really is behind currency counterfeiting. Where and when did the war against forged cash in the US begin? What sorts of measures have been employed by the authorities in an attempt to put a stop to the trade in funny money? Where are the world’s big counterfeiting hotspots? Who are some of history’s most illustrious counterfeiters? Read on, and this infographic will bring you up to speed on the true price of free money.

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