Guide For Contributors

You will write an article once a week for a year. If you cannot make a specific week, you will let us know. If you want help with writing, we can assist you with ghostwriting for a reasonable sum.

If you want to contribute on an even more infrequent basis, that is fine, but please read these guidelines instead.

What topics do you accept?

You will send us a list of ideas so we can help plan in our content map. We are happy to help brainstorm ideas just tell us. Here are the topics we will accept:

  • Stock analysis
  • Precious metals
  • Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mac
  • Hedge funds
  • Contrarian investments
  • Favorite short positions
  • Product reviews (In some cases, we will write the review in exchange for the item being reviewed. Otherwise we will do a paid review.)
  • Politics (no inflammatory content)

No penny stocks, ICOs, or write ups on companies which are illiquid and/or speculative in nature. Binary options, CFDs, Forex, Gambling etc are only accepted if US ONLY regulated.

We are proudly and strictly apolitical, but for guest posts, we provide a bit of leeway in terms of opinionated views. Please avoid any inflammatory content.

The author must disclose any positions he/she holds in any securities mentioned.

We reserve the right to edit or reject any articles.

In order to ensure these articles get views from our audience, we may need to update them at a later date. The tone and nature of the article will not change at all, and you are welcome to get involved in this process.

How long does the post need to be?

The minimum word count is 1,000 words, but beyond that, the post may be as long as you want.

What sort of format is required?

The article does not need to be in a specific format, but a good example of a guest post can be found here. Please use subheadings throughout the article.

Please see our basic SEO guide here, and here is a good guide if you do not have access to WordPress.

The content must be unique and not posted anywhere else.

What are the guidelines for images?

Photos (which you own or can prove you have the rights to use on our site) are highly encouraged. Charts which you produce or that would clearly fall under fair use are highly encouraged. We do not rely on fair use for contributor photographs. Please be incredibly careful with images.

What else should I know about contributing posts?

We do not offer compensation for these posts.

Include a (NO follow) link(s) to the author’s company, blog, or book, as many links as you want.

The contributor assumes liability for any issues which arise from their content, and they attest in good faith that their content does not infringe on any copyright, trademarks etc., nor contain libelous information or violate any New Jersey, U.S. or international laws. You must abide with by all of our site terms of service and privacy policy.

You agree to share the content across your social networks and to post a link on your website (if applicable).

Please do not send article until it is 100% done, so you do not need to ask us for any edits.

Do not send us sales pitches. If you have something promotional in nature, please see our advertising page.

How to contact us

Posts or any questions can be sent to [email protected]

Using ValueWalk’s logo

You should proudly embed the ValueWalk logo and link back to your profile on ValueWalk or to our homepage! Use the logo below or the html in your CMS.

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