Find some inspiration for your next holiday adventure in the colours of the rainbow

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It’s almost that time of the year when you need to pack your bags and take some time off and go away from the city. Finding the perfect location isn’t that easy, especially when you won’t be the only person thinking about going on holiday during this Summer time, maybe you should consider some colourful destinations.

Also, with the proliferation of social networks and the instant sharing effect, people are constantly hunting for unique experiences and inspiring places away from the touristic hot-spots. What could possible look better on camera than Crayola-coloured views? has created a collection of colourful destinations to inspire you during this holiday season. This guide includes useful tips about why and when to visit these fascinating and colourful places.

You will find options for all kind of travel experiences, from the red Antelope Canyon in Arizona until the white Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. Enjoy bright coloured landscapes, entire cities painted in the same pastel tint, or rainbow fields with more than seven million flowers.

On the other hand, you can maximise your experience as a result of watching these coloured locations since psychology has found that colours affect people’s mood and how they respond to the world.  For instance, yellow is associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy; green represents the nature, and symbolises growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Red is the colour of passion, strength, power and determination.

This means that whenever you go, your mind will always experience different sensations based on the colour you see. Travellers exploring new places this 2017 could enjoy these colourful destinations as part of the treat.

The guide also explores the reasons behind these colour marvels. You’ll learn that the Pink Lake Hillier in Australia could be produced for the high salinity levels in the water combined with pink algae and bacteria; and that the perfect shades of the “The River of Five Colours” or Caño Cristales, in Colombia, are a combination of the sand and a unique plant that turns the riverbed bright red.

To get the best out of every visit, make sure to check out the graphic to find the times of the year to plan your trip.

The world is saturated in all shades of the rainbow. On your next travel adventure, why don’t you let your favourite colour inspire you?

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