Apple’s Video Editing App Clips Downloaded 500K+ Times In Four Days

Apple’s Video Editing App Clips Downloaded 500K+ Times In Four Days
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Clips, Apple’s new video editing application, was released last Thursday, and during its first four days of availability, it has been downloaded 500,000 to 1 million times, according to estimates by App Annie. Despite Apple’s backing and heavy coverage by press at the time of its launch, the app has yet to enter the top 20 list in the App Store.

How is Clips performing?

The app analytics firm, which shared its report with tech news site TechCrunch, claims that the app ranked 28th a day after its debut in the U.S. App Store. Clips’ App Store ranking has dropped since its launch. The app dropped to 39th on Saturday and then 40th on Sunday, and now, it is ranked in 53rd place, notes MacRumors.

The large number of downloads, however, did help it beat Apple’s last standalone app for creators, the Music Memos app. Music Memos is aimed at a smaller number of users and reached the 29th spot during its first day of availability. The app, which is aimed at musicians, does not even register in the Top Overall Charts now, as App Annie does not track apps that are ranked below 1,750, notes TechCrunch.

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App Annie notes that Clips was ranking in the number five to six range in the App Store in the competitive Photo & Video category during its first four days, whereas Instagram’s Layout app was in the 17th to 35th range and even as low as 80th during its first days.

The data shared by the analytics firm is only for the U.S. App Store charts, so it does not tell the full picture. However, the report by App Annie reveals that the U.S. is currently the video editing app’s largest market, with nearly a 25% share, followed by China with around a 16% share. The other three countries in the top five downloads list are Japan, Russia and Hong Kong.

This Apple app is expected to get more popular

Though Clips is not able to find a place within the top 20 apps, given the recent success, it might just get on the top 20 list of apps in the coming months. Apple is featuring it in the App Store and has listed it in the “New Apps We Love” section.

Danielle Levitas, senior vice president for App Annie’s Research & Professional Services division, says the average iOS user is not aware of the app yet.

“They’ll start to become more aware of it through that network effect as people share these clips in Facebook, in Instagram, in WeChat,” the executive said.

Clips, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store, does not have built-in social networking capabilities. However, videos made using it can be shared on several social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram or via the Messages app. Currently, the app enjoys a four-star rating.

According to AppleInsider, “The app’s streamlined interface and unique features, like integrated dictation with Live Titles, proves useful in generating slick videos for sharing.”

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