Clifton Robbins Ira Sohn Conference [LIVE]

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Clifton Robbins Ira Sohn Conference [LIVE]

Clifton Robbins is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Harbour Group, L.P. The firm’s investment strategy is to use a private equity approach to the public markets as it serves as a lead minority stockholder in public companies, working in collaboration with company managements and boards to build and unlock shareholder value. Clifton Robbins has more than 25 years of experience in the investment management business. Clifton Robbins had been a Managing Member of General Atlantic Partners, LLC, a global private equity firm from 2000 through August 2004.

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Clifton Robbins Ira Sohn Conference Live

5:30 PM EST: Clifton Robbins is up next.

5:35 PM EST: Robbins is going to talk about two companies that he’s got activist interest in.

5:36 PM EST: M&A should pick up, it’s a perfect storm. Companies are cash rich and financing is cheap.

5:37 PM EST: CACI International Inc (NYSE:CACI) is his first pick. Stock closed at $61.51 today.

5:38 PM EST: CACI International Inc (NYSE:CACI) does intelligence and cyber security on government contracts.

5:40 PM EST: The stock gets lumped in with other defense stocks, making CACI International Inc (NYSE:CACI) undervalued.

5:41 PM EST: Stock is at a sweet spot right now. It’s grown just over 11% since the start of the year, lagging indexes.

5:42 PM EST: Next pick for Robbins Akamai Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ:AKAM). He sees significant upside.

5:43 PM EST: Akamai Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ:AKAM) closed at $45.29 today. Up 10% on years.

5:44 PM EST: 1/3 of all internet traffic touches Akamai Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ:AKAM). 90% of IP traffic to be video by 2015.

5:45 PM EST: Four trends in Akamai Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ:AKAM) favor cyber security, media over IP, cloud, mobile.

5:46 PM EST: Akamai Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ:AKAM) margins going higher, the firm serves 182 of the Fortune Global 500 as customers.

5:50 PM EST: Akamai Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ:AKAM) base is +42% for Robbins. Bad case is -5%, best case is +80%

5:51 PM EST: Capital should be returned to shareholders at Akamai Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ:AKAM).

Robbins is done, both Akamai Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ:AKAM) and CACI International Inc (NYSE:CACI) are up around 1% on after market.



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