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Charts That Matter – The Top RE Choice Is Probably Not On Your Radar; Trump Causing Rates To Rise

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1. An Indian town is giving the likes of London, Tokyo, and San Francisco a run for their money when it comes to home-price appreciation.In the last one year, Surat,saw the highest rise in home prices among 150 cities tracked across the world by Knight Frank. Ahmedabad is also feautured in this list. In my view it is combination of base effect and succesfull remonetisation of system.

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Charts That Matter - Volume 9

2. Longest expansion of returns on record worldwide, that is why Balanced fund ( 60 equity 40 debt) are in vogue. This is also the reason that Investors think these Funds are better subsitute to their Fixed Deposits.Goldman writes that it is a matter of time we will see 10% correction. What will happen to these first time Balanced Fund investors then?

Charts That Matter - Volume 9

3. The most ironic thing about Trump questioning rate hikes is the fact that raising them is what is going to allow the market to go higher. The minute they pause or cut, capital flows will turn the other way, and asset prices will follow.

Charts That Matter - Volume 9

4. This chart shows China’s largest companies – now and a decade ago.The new behemoths are Technology companies and the market cap of top three chinese companies equals half of India’s GDP.

Charts That Matter - Volume 9

5. 150-day worldwide Google trends data for ‘buy bitcoin’. Hmm this is interesting

Charts That Matter - Volume 9


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