Chan H. Lee & Albert H. Yong: Taking Advantage of Mispricing

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Chan H. Lee & Albert H. Yong presenting: “Taking Advantage of Mispricing Opportunities” in Korea at the 8th Annual Value Investing Congress.

Chan H. Lee & Albert H. Yong: Taking Advantage of Mispricing

Chan H. Lee & Albert H. Yong of Petra Capital Management will be eleventh at Value Investing Congress, with their presentation titled: “Taking Advantage of Mispricing Opportunities in Korea.”

Chan H. Lee is the co-founder and a Managing Partner of Petra Capital Management. Albert H. Yong is a Managing Partner and the CIO of Petra Capital Management, an investment advisory and portfolio management firm based in Seoul, Korea which focuses on undervalued Korean public companies whose market prices are significantly discounted to intrinsic value.

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Chan H. Lee & Albert H. Yong Live Coverage

6:35 PM EST: Chan Lee and Albert Yong are on now to talk about Korea.

6:38 PM EST: The two work for Petra Capital, a fund based in South Korea.

6:40 PM EST: South Korea has a $1 trillion economy and a stock market comparable to Germany’s. It’s the 13th biggest in the world.

6:41 PM EST: South Korean stocks have huge natural exposure to emerging markets.

6:42 PM EST: Corporate Governance in Korea is improving according to the pair.

6:53 PM EST: Korean investment idea Sebang.

6:54 PM EST: It’s a holding company. Trades at 7X earnings.

6:55 PM EST: Sebang operates a global logistical network. It was founded in Korea in 1965.

5:57 PM EST: Sebang currently trades as Sebang Co Ltd on the Korean market under the ticker 004360:KS. shares closed at 17,900 KRW today~$16.34

5:59 PM EST: Also recommending Sebang Global battery 004490:KS, it’s a subsidiary of Sebang Co Ltd

6:00 PM EST: Stocks are cheap in Korea compared to other countries. Small and Mid cap stocks are best.

6:02 PM EST: Another cheap Korean stock idea from Petra: Daechang Forging $015230:KS

6:03 PM EST: Daechang Forging is a forging company that specializes in the manufacture of track chains, track rollers and other machinery components.

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