Was The Nokia 9 Just Certified In China?

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Prior to Nokia launching their new flagship handset, the Nokia 8, it had been a while since the public experienced a new Nokia handset. With little time to react and recover from this release, there is already speculation surrounding the Nokia 9, which is rumored to be much bigger than the Nokia 8.

HMD Global were recently responsible for reviving the Nokia brand, particularly in the smartphone market, where they’d previously released various entry-level and mid-range products. Now, the Nokia 9 is positioned to compete with the differentiators, and it might even receive a release date before the year is out.

An employee at HMD recently suggested the model is on its way, and to meet increasing user demands and expectations, it is said to have a larger screen at 5.5 inches, and incorporate QHD OLED technology. This is exciting news because the same technology is used by Samsung, and it has a capacity for delivering vibrant colors via the display. There is reason to believe the Nokia 9 will have an all-metal body, be water resistant, and have a curvy build which aligns with many of the leading brands that exist today. It is set to come complete with a fingerprint scanner, incorporate a 12MP front-facing camera, and potentially a 22MP dual-lens Carl Zeiss camera on the back. Retailing at roughly $699, the handset will have the functionality to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone, while remaining affordable.

To add to the Nokia 9 rumors, what could easily be the Nokia 9 in China was recently revealed, where a model known as TA-1054 passed compulsory certification. News about the TA-1054, also being referred to as the Nokia 9 in China, creates an intriguing situation for Nokia enthusiasts. The news fueled rumors surrounding the Nokia 9, where it’s apparent HMD will now release two smartphones in the near future: the TA-1042 and TA-1054. These are definitely coming to market soon, and with the Nokia 9 still to be unveiled, is the TA-1054 actually the Nokia 9 In China?

If this is true, then what is the TA-1042? Perhaps it is a Nokia 8 exclusively for China, or an alternate variant of the Nokia 9. For now we are left guessing, but the news of the Nokia 9 in China has aroused speculation among consumers who eagerly await the unveiling. It would appear as if HMD aren’t planning on slowing down anytime soon, and revealed HMD is prioritizing Borderless display as part of their future focus, alongside nurturing resilient material technology.

There are many hints being dropped to surround the existing rumors, but for now we will have wait and see whether the TA-1054 is the Nokia 9 in China. For now we can speculate about the leaked content, and await further information in a market that will be saturated with new flagship products soon.

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