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Sunday, August 9, 2020

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Yacktman Funds Buys Twenty-First Century Fox, Hengan; Adds Samsung

Donald Yacktman said in his fourth quarter letter that although his fund did not require market declines to put cash to work, “it is...
Longleaf Partners

Longleaf Partners Small-Cap Fund 2Q15 Commentary

Longleaf Partners Small-Cap Fund commentary for the second quarter ended June 30, 2015. Longleaf Partners Small-Cap Fund lost 1.27% in the quarter, trailing the Russell...
Cowan Asset Management

Cowan Asset Management 2Q16 Letter – Can You Guess The Right Index?

Cowan Asset Management letter for the second quarter ended June 30, 2016. Dear Unitholder, We’re going to start by giving you a test. During the 12...
Remarkable Early Years Of Warren Buffett

The Remarkable Early Years Of Warren Buffett

For most people, the “Oracle of Omaha” needs no introduction. With a self-made net worth of $84 billion, some experts consider the 87-year-old to...
Warren Buffett

Let Compounding Work For You

This is the final installment in an eight-part series: Navigating Market Volatility. In simple terms, market volatility is the relative rate at which the...

Warren Buffett is bullish on women in the Workforce

Warren Buffett with the late Katharine Graham of the Washington Post at his 50th-birthday party in 1980 In an exclusive essay the Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA, Fortune 500)chairman and...
David Herro

David Herro: Undervalued Global Giants

Published on Oct 26, 2015 David Herro: The 2010 Morningstar manager of the decade tells Barron's that investors are mispricing Baidu, Richemont, and Credit Suisse.
Howard Marks Books Early Stages Of A Bull Market daily new cases Howard Marks oaktree capital value investing value investors valuation metrics famous investors PE ratio PB ratio EV/EBITDA PEG ratio

Howard Marks – Investors Are Like Those Drivers Changing Lanes Every Minute, Cutting Off...

One of the best free resources for all investors are Howard Marks’ memos. Marks is the Co-Chairman of Oaktree Capital, which currently manages a...
Blucora revenue by segment

ValueX Vail Presentations: BCOR, BDE, QRE, LRE

We are posting ValueX Vail presentations, lots of great ideas and not all of them are up yet so make sure to check back...
InsiderMonkey (CC BY-ND 2.0) David Einhorn

David Einhorn – The Ultimate Shareholder Letter When Your Fund Underperforms

One of our favorite investors at The Acquirer’s Multiple – Stock Screener is David Einhorn. Einhorn is the founder and president of Greenlight Capital (Greenlight),...
Ron Baron

Ron Baron On The Story Of The Parkwood Corporation

"Anyone who's lived through 9/11 and the Financial Panic five years ago has to be skeptical about their ability to predict the future." Larry...
Berkshire Hathaway B shares Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett: Pay Up, But Don’t Overpay

Warren Buffett is a great role model for value investors everywhere. I, however, have been asked to write on just one lesson from Warren...
Jensen Investment Management

Jensen Investment Management: 2016 Trend – Focus Returns To Fundamentals

2016 Trend - Focus Returns To Fundamentals by Jensen Investment Management H/T Dataroma At Jensen Investment Management, our focus remains on long-term results. We invest through...

Guy Spier @LBS: Advocate Investing, Car Industry, Learning From Failure & More [VIDEOS]

Guy Spier spoke to students at London Business School (LBS) On June 21st 2017. Guy discussed about a variety of topics from investing to...
Deep Value Or Value Trap

The Best Value Traps

Barbarian Capital posted a question to finance Twitter the other day that led to a string of interesting answers. The question was: You're not a...