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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Value Investing

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Dan Loeb Returns 2.6 Percent in September on Equity Gains

Dan Loeb is out with his September letter. The hedge fund letter shows that the activist was up 2.6 percent in September and 18...
Mairs & Power Growth Fund

Mairs & Power Growth Fund 3Q16 Commentary

Mairs & Power Growth Fund commentary for the third quarter ended September 30, 2016. H/T Dataroma Also see   Q3 2016 hedge fund letters Q2 2016 hedge fund letters   The...

Desperately Seeking Alpha – With Jim Chanos [Podcast]

Josh and Linette are joined by Jim Chanos at the SALT Conference and they explore how hedge fund fees don't hold when you look...
reminiscences of a stock operator pdf

PEG versus P/E Ratio: The Basics

Which valuation metric is better: the PEG ratio or the P/E ratio? Before we answer that question, let's first start with some basics. Definitions The P/E ratio...
Dividend Growth Stocks

10 More Of 50 Fairly-Valued Dividend Growth Stocks Offering Moderately High Yields: Part 2

Introduction This is the second of a five-part series presenting 50 dividend growth stocks that I have screened for current fair value.  With this article...
Howard Marks Books Early Stages Of A Bull Market daily new cases Howard Marks oaktree capital value investing value investors valuation metrics famous investors PE ratio PB ratio EV/EBITDA PEG ratio

Howard Marks Says You Can Invest In The Worst Companies In America And Have...

As a value investor it’s important that you always assess the downside risk of your investments, prior to purchase. Famed investors Buffett and Klarman...
Berkshire All Stars: The Enduring Value of Values

Berkshire Beyond Buffett: Insurance Notes

Berkshire Beyond Buffett: Insurance Notes by Steven Towns Larry Cunningham is one of the most respected authors who has written about Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway....

Investors, Take A Lesson From Billy Beane: Play Moneyball

Investors, Take A Lesson From Billy Beane: Play Moneyball by Benzinga At long last Major League Baseball returns as the single best sign that spring is...
BBX Capital: NPV Stream Detail

BBX Capital: SOPT + Strong Catalysts = 170+% Potential Upside?

How's your stock picking so far this year? I currently hold more than 20% of cash in my portfolio and I'm being picky in this...
CREW Herbalife Ltd. HLF Bill Ackman speaking

What Bill Ackman Has His Eye on Now: FBN Interview

Pershing Square founder and CEO Bill Ackman on the 2015 Harbor Investment Conference and why activist investors are important for corporate America. Also see Bill Ackman:...
IQ Ideology, Brain Network

Why Our Biology Works Against Us In Markets

“I think investment psychology is by far the most important element, followed by risk control, with the least important consideration being the question of...
Global Allocation

Global Allocation December 2016 Commentary – Up 13% In 2016

Global Allocation commentary for the month ended December 31, 2016. 2016 Hedge Fund Letters We have just finished 2016 with a reasonable return, tilted to good,...
GDS Investments

GDS Investments Mid-Year 2016 Letter

GDS Investments letter for the first half ended June 30, 2016. Legend has it that, when the British surrendered at Yorktown, a military band played...
Bronte Amalthea Fund

Bronte Capital Q3 Letter: Long Elementis, Albany International

John Hempton's Bronte Amalthea Fund commentary for the month ended September 30, 2016. Also see   Q3 2016 hedge fund letters Q2 2016 hedge fund letters   The...
Junior Mining

The Capital Cycle: Junior Mining

The Capital Cycle: Junior Mining Goethe, the poet-philosopher, wrote: “I find more and more that it is well to be on the side of the...