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Monday, September 21, 2020

William Bernstein’s Book List

We continue our list of famous investor books with recommends by William Bernstein. In this case, Bernstein is the author of many works but also has...
Value Factor

Value Factor: Intra Vs Cross-Sector

SUMMARY Intra versus cross-sector Value portfolios share the major trends Neutralising the sector exposure increases the risk-return ratio of the Value factor However, the...
Chenavari corporate credit strat

EU Periphery One Focus of High Flying Chenavari Funds

Chenavari Investment Managers, one of the top rated fund managers for the past four years, continues its roll in April as all of the firms’s four...
CREW Herbalife Ltd. HLF Bill Ackman speaking

At Grant's Conference, Ackman, Lipton Spar Over Activism

Pershing Square Capital Management’s Bill Ackman and distinguished lawyer Martin Lipton (who has spent much of his career defending boards from activists like Ackman)...
Berkshire Hathaway B shares Warren Buffett

How Spanx Got Me An Interview With Warren Buffett

While working on my book Getting There: A Book of Mentors, I found myself at a charity event with business legend Warren Buffett. The...
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255 Books Recommended By Michael Mauboussin

Michael Maubossin has recommended a vast array of books over the years. Thanks to some of his recent tweets of his book shelf we...
Wall Street

How The Father Of Arbitrage Pricing Theory Influenced Wall Street

Wharton's David Musto on the late Stephen A. Ross, this year's winner of the Wharton-Jacobs Levy Prize for Quantitative Financial Innovation. http://d1c25a6gwz7q5e.cloudfront.net/audio/20170808-KW-Musto.mp3 This year’s winner of...

How Quant Funds Work

Meson Capital Q1 Letter Also see Q1 2017 Letters Machine learning Hedge Funds - The Real Deal Or Sales .. Quant Investing Is No Longer Working For...
Mean Reversion

Mean Reversion: Gravitational Super Force Or Dangerous Delusion?

Mean Reversion: Gravitational Super Force Or Dangerous Delusion? by Aswath Damodaran In my last post on the danger of using  single market metric to...

Ackman Letter To Investors: Bullish On Fannie; Bearish On Herbalife

Bill Ackman's H1 letter is out - see excerpts below and stay tuned for analysis. Also see his recent call with investors Investment Manager’s Report Dear Pershing...
reminiscences of a stock operator pdf

3 Factors Changing The Scope Of Capital Markets Compliance

3 Factors Changing The Scope Of Capital Markets Compliance by firm58 As technology sparks more complexity and versatility in the capital markets, new avenues for...

ROIC: The Paradigm For Linking Corporate Performance To Valuation

See the free webinar on ROIC by our CEO. The purpose of the capital markets is to allocate capital to its most efficient use. Research...
Anti-Dollar Alliance, Mega-Banks

Cliff Asness – Caveat Investor? The “Fiduciary Rule” and Unintended Consequences

By Cliff Asness of AQR Capital The Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule, which is applicable to retirement plans subject to ERISA such as 401(k) plans...
Worst mutual fund

The worst mutual fund in history

The worst mutual fund Ever? Successful investing is simple. You live within your means, save money regularly and invest it. You buy a collection of...
Bull Market Cyclicals

Seeking Value In A Bull Market: Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Portfolio Strategy Research's "US Weekly Kickstart" published June 23rd highlights stocks that still offer value even in the midst of a historic...