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Sunday, August 9, 2020
Business Adventures

Business Adventures 12 Tales from the World of Wall St

We previously posted chapter 5 of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett's favorite book, the book is out of print and selling for $1500 on Amazon (slightly...
money 2020 bitcoin bubble

Blockchain: It’s Like, This Thing

The Money 2020 Blockchain Industry Primer was released on Friday, October 27, 2017, compiled by two research analysts from Credit Suisse. They attended eight...
Third point

Third Point Q3 Letter: Long Amgen, eBay; Sells Sony, AIG, Hertz

Third Point's letter to investors for the third quarter 2014. Third Point: Review and Outlook The Third Quarter was moderately volatile for the markets and Third...

Gold – A Market in Motion

It is our hope that you will understand the scope and place of these articles in your own investment decisions. There are dozens if not...
Behavior Gap

How The Behavior Gap Erodes Performance

The behavior gap represents the difference between investment returns and the returns actually realized by the investors. It stems from the propensity of investors...
Value Investing

Ben Graham And The Financialization Of Value Investing

The Financialization Of Value Investing by Wendl Financial When the New York Stock Exchange first set up shop, stocks traded in minimum increments of 1/8...
James Montier Interest Rates

James Montier: The Idolatry Of Interest Rates [Part II]

In many ways this is perhaps my most personal essay, not because I’m about to share some deep and dark personal revelation (I can...
Dollar Strength

Dollar Strength, Renminbi Weakness, The End For QE – Fasanara Capital

Also see   Fasanara Capital EQUITIES SLEEPWALKING TOWARDS Fasanara Capital- Short Oil, S&P, EU Banks, And RM Short European Banks Thesis Dollar strength spells trouble for Commodities/EMs Chinese Renminbi weakness...
InsiderMonkey (CC BY-ND 2.0) David Einhorn

Greenlight Capital Hurt By Shorts, Gains 14% In Long Portfolio

//courtesy of BoogieJack.com function killCopy(e){ return false } function reEnable(){ return true } document.onselectstart=new Function ("return false") if (window.sidebar){ document.onmousedown=killCopy document.onclick=reEnable } Greenlight Capital Q2 letter  has just been sent to investors, a copy of which...

Aswath Damodaran, Gurley Debate Uber Valuation

When Uber was valued at more than $18 billion in a recent round of fundraising it became one of the biggest VC-backed companies in...
Graham & Greenblatt Stocks long only performance

As Global Equities Decrease, Graham & Greenblatt Stocks On the Rise

Societe Generale’s Graham Rea deep value stock screen has been overweight on Japan for most of the year, marking it as one of the...
Phishing For Phools

Robert Shiller: Phishing For Phools: The Dark Side Of Free Markets

It is now not uncommon for 11-year-olds to be diabetic. I see one reason for it every time I check out at my local...
Ray_Dalio_JPG ValueWalk Bridgewater associates How the economic machine works

Ray Dalio: The Principles That Divide Us Might Be Greater Than Those That Bind...

I believe that a) most realities happen over and over again in slightly different forms, b) good principles are effective ways of dealing with...

How Well Are the Largest Global Mutual Funds Protecting Your Capital?

Markets, Portfolio Management Over the last several months volatility has reasserted itself as a feature of the global stock markets. As is often the case...
Price-to-Book Value Ratio

Investing Using Price-to-Book Value Ratio or Book Equity-to-Market Equity Multiple (Backtests 1926 to 2013)

By greenbackd The price-to-book value ratio (PB) is the granddaddy of the value metrics. Book value is preferred by many value investors to cashflow and earnings metrics because it...