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Sunday, August 9, 2020
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GrafTech International: An-In depth Look At This Mohnish Pabrai holding

Mohnish Pabrai likes GrafTech International Ltd (NYSE:EAF), and he's not the only one. Various firms have been writing about the company off and on...
Elon Musk don't doubt ur vibe

Listen to Elon Musk’s song “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe” here

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has just about done it all. He has now released a song that's turning heads. Elon Musk's song is called...
Joel Greenblatt

ROA: How to Find Banks that Generate Profits

How do normal investors like you and I invest in a bank? According to Warren Buffett, the answer is pretty simple. Look to the...
Panic Selling

Panic Selling: What causes investors to panic and what you can do about it

“So, what would you have me do?” “Nothing. Sometimes nothing is the hardest thing to do.” If you are reading this, you are most...
Insure The Investment intangible assets more valuable Top 10 countries that attract the most foreign investment

Measuring Intangible Investment Value Generation

Intangible assets comprise the bulk of corporate value, yet methods for measuring management’s performance generating value through them scarcely exist. Some things are difficult to...
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The Big Market Delusion: Uber Is Not Alone

Soon after its introduction as a private company, the market value of Uber began to explode.  One reason was the potential size of the...
Hedge Funds

Hedge Fund Letters To Investors

Hedge Fund Letters To Investors....  where can you find them? The short answer is that its complicated. The longer answer is that some hedge...
private equity backed m&a

Private Equity backed M&A has strongest year since financial crisis

Excerpted below from Refinitiv’s 2019 merger data with a focus on private equity backed m&a. Highlights include: Worldwide deal making down 3% from 2018...
Michael Burry

Learning From Dr. Michael J. Burry’s Investment Philosophy – Case Study

By Panda Agriculture & Water Fund Also see Michael Burry Goes All In On A One Trillion Dollar Industry Water investments - How To Play $1 Trillion...

Book Value per Share: A great way to value a bank

One of Warren Buffett's favorite topics in his annual shareholder letters is book value per share. He talks about how it is a great...
Return on Invested Capital

Return on Invested Capital in Two Easy Steps

Return on Invested Capital explained A truly great business must have an enduring “moat” that protects excellent returns on invested capital.” –Warren Buffett, 2007 Shareholder Letter Return...

Social media is moving markets. Here’s how to stay informed via finance Twitter.

Finance Twitter (or FinTwit) refers to the community of Twitter users that talk about stocks.  The wonderful thing about finance Twitter is that it...
2015 Delivering Alpha Conference

Full Coverage From The 8th Annual Delivering Alpha Conference 2018 – Chanos, Greenberg, And...

One of the top investment line-ups of the year. The 8th annual CNBC and Institutional Investor run Delivering Alpha Conference - with the most...
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Stan Druckenmiller Books

What we said about George Soros is even more applicable with his protege, Stan Druckenmiller. As far as we know Stan has neither authored...
Customer Experience Trends

What Investors Should Know About Customer Obsessed Brands

Obsession, Brand, and Why Amazon Might Buy Schwab If Amazon got into the investing business, they would probably buy Schwab. Although the two companies on...