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Monday, July 13, 2020
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iPhone 8

iPhone 5: What We Really Know

Apple's next generation of iPhone is a hot topic of discussion in the tech world. There are many rumors, concepts, leaked images, and videos...

Google Denies EU Antitrust Charges; May Face Huge Fine

Google has rejected the EU’s antitrust charges that the firm has been abusing its market power. That said, if the Internet Company does not...
iPhone 7 smartphone deals from Verizon

Is Apple Inc. Going To Cut iPhone 7 Price?

Alongside the rumors about technical features and a possible redesign, the price of the iPhone 7 is also a major point of discussion. Now a...
iPhone 7

Here’s What Happens When You Drop iPhone 7 Off Burj Khalifa

When a new gadget comes out, tech experts from around the world conduct a variety of tests on the device to assess its sturdiness,...
Nintendo NX games confirmed

Nintendo NX Or Nintendo Duo: What Is The Name Of New Console?

The wait for some official news about the Nintendo NX feels like travelling down a long dark tunnel with nothing but a speck of...
Intel Logo

Intel Corporation Stock Poised To Hit A New High

Intel has moved up more than 10% since the Brexit saga, which hit the capital markets last month. With help from one or more positive...
Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird Is Back, But This Time Only On Amazon

Remember the popular Flappy Bird game that has remained in a lot of limelight a few months back? Yes, the game is back but...
zynga earnings

Zynga Inc (ZNGA)’s Struggle Should Inspire Facebook Inc (FB)

Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) on Monday announced to slash almost one-fifth of its workforce and close three offices. The plight of the game maker may...

Obama to Use Pension Funds of Ordinary Americans to Pay for Bank Mortgage “Settlement”

Obama’s latest housing market chicanery should come as no surprise. As we discuss below, he will use the State of the Union address to...

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT): New CEO Already Priced In

MKM Partners Managing Director Israel Hernandez maintains a Neutral rating for Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) as the tech giant appears set to appoint Satya Nadella...
Amazon stock

Amazon’s 2015 Black Friday Deals To Start This Week

E-commerce is booming, and when it comes to Amazon, it is the favorite of many shoppers. The convenience of shopping from home with the...
iPhone 7 smartphone deals from Verizon

Apple Inc. Hiring Experts For iPhone 7 Battery [REPORT]

As many as nine job listings related to battery technology have been spotted on Apple's website
iPhone 8

Gold-Plated Putin iPhone 6 Goes On Sale

The iPhone 6 is already a status symbol in and of itself, but designers have always been interested in upgrading the iPhone 6 in...

China, Germany, and Japan and the Exhaustion of Debtor Countries

At the Institute for New Economic Thinking conference in Berlin, which took place April 12-15th, economist Joseph Stiglitz delivered a presentation on Paradigm Lost: Rethinking Economics...

Alibaba’s Delayed IPO Could Be Great News For Yahoo

Stifel analysts Jordan E. Rohan, Michael B. Purcell and Alex Chavdaroff reiterate Buy ratings for Yahoo! Inc. (NADAQ:YHOO) as Alibaba's IPO process gets delayed. We...