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Sunday, August 9, 2020
Falling Rocks

System Scans Cliffs To Predict Falling Rocks

A new, automated technology analyzes the potential for rockfalls from cliffs onto roads and areas below. The system could speed and improve risk evaluation,...
Kids Obese Children Childhood Obesity

The Tone Of Your Tweets Can Predict Diet Success

Researchers predicted dieting success-or failure-with an accuracy rate of 77 percent based on the sentiment of the words and phrases people used on Twitter. “We...
Mummified Wolf Pup

Mummified Wolf Pup From Ice Age Dug Up From Permafrost

Gold miners have uncovered two ice-age mammals in northwest Canada. The miners discovered the mummified wolf pup and caribou calf in 2016 while checking permafrost in...
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Pilot Wave Theory May Supplant Copenhagen Interpretation In Quantum Mechanics

Recent research by French physicists suggests maybe quantum particles are more than just a statistical construct and do actually exist even when not under...
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Japan’s Stem Cell Research Scientist Yoshiki Sasai Found Dead

Respected Japanese scientist Yoshiki Sasai, deputy director of the Riken Center for Developmental Biology, committed suicide by hanging himself after nearly seven months of...
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NASA Launches Improved Spacecraft 3D App

NASA announced on Tuesday, July 5th, that is was launching an upgraded version of it's Spacecraft 3D app for mobile devices to celebrate the...

Graphene Better Than Kevlar For Bulletproof Armor

Researchers from Rice University and the University of Massachusetts have arranged sheets of graphene in layers and concluded that it can stop bullets 8-10 times more...
end of the world

Christian Numerologist Claims End Of The World Is Later Than April 23rd

The end of the world will not happen on April 23rd, says Christian numerologist David Meade - but it’s coming later this year. It seems...

Bedbugs From 100 Million Years Ago Lived With Dinosaurs

It’s no secret that dinosaurs lived at times of complete biodiversity and with many species that no longer exist. However, new research reveals that...
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Mars Was Habitable For Longer Than Thought

NASA scientists claim that Mars could have supported life due to the fact that it used to be covered in water.
International Women's Day First All-Women Spacewalk

NASA’s All-Female Spacewalk Won’t Make History Yet

When NASA announced plans for the first-ever all-female spacewalk earlier this month, most who heard about it were excited, especially because of International Women’s...
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Huge New Sunspot Producing Significant Solar Flares

NASA reported on Thursday, October 23rd that a giant sunspot was formed on the left side of the sun last week. The space agency...
SpaceX Rocket Launch Elon Musk

A Look Back At SpaceX Historic Vertical Landing

SpaceX's vertical landing of it's stage one Falcon 9 was truly a historic undertaking. SpaceX Versus United Launch Alliance Statistically, United Launch Alliance is batting 1.000....

Your Stress Can Add Inches To Your Spouse’s Waist

Your Stress Can Add Inches To Your Spouse's Waist by Jared Wadley-Michigan Stress isn’t good for you, but it’s not good for your spouse, either....
Patients With Mental Health Disorders Receive More Pescription Opioids

Patients With Mental Health Disorders Receive More Opioids

People with anxiety and depression are disproportionately prescribed painkillers. That’s what new research from the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center suggests, adding a complex layer to...