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Sunday, August 9, 2020
Golden Anniversary

NOAA celebrating Golden Anniversary throughout 2020 

NOAA is kicking off a year-long celebration to mark its upcoming 50th anniversary. Since its inception on October 3, 1970, NOAA has become one...
Pretty Eye Color

The Science Behind Eye Color

When you were in high school biology class you probably learned that eye color was determined by one gene and depending on what color...
Florida Keys

NOAA to announce major Florida Keys coral reef restoration effort

Agency to reveal new coral reef restoration and preservation approach On Mon., Dec. 9, NOAA and its partners will announce a major coral reef restoration...
Dream Chaser

The Dream Chaser Made A Successful Glide-Test

A spacecraft from Sierra Nevada Corporation completed its test flight successfully. A free-flight test was performed at NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center in California....

Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities and NGOs Look To Protect Forests

Central American governments, Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities and NGOs Create Novel Partnership to Safeguard Forests as Natural Solution to Climate Change MADRID, SPAIN (December 13,...
Experiencing Deja Vu

Can Experiencing Deja Vu Really Predict The Future?

Experiencing deja vu appears to be sometimes rare, but it’s quite mind-blowing. However, researchers from Colorado State Researchers conducted several lab experiments to dig...

FOUND: Lost Starry Night Harlequin Toad Makes Radiant Return to Science

‘Rediscovery’ of starry night harlequin toad highlights Integral Role of Indigenous Peoples’ Knowledge and Traditions in Wildlife Protection For the first time since 1991, biologists...
Asian Elephant

Unsustainable natural rubber poses major threat to wildlife and people

World-first analysis of natural rubber producers by ZSL’s SPOTT reveals transparency issues across sector Used in everyday products, such as tyres, yoga mats, shoes and...

Fossil Discovered At Denver Construction Site Revealed To Be From A Torosaurus

It’s always exciting to discover new fossils, and sometimes they turn up in unusual locations. A fossil nicknamed "Tiny" was discovered in suburban Denver...

Scientists Discover Massive Amounts Of Magma Underneath New England

A recent discovery by scientists at Rutger University has revealed a massive amount of magma underneath the geographic area of New England. Magma In New...
Alien UFO From Area 51

Has An Alien UFO From Area 51 Been Discovered On Google Maps?

Area 51 is perhaps the most mysterious governmental property in the United States, with a history filled with rumors and speculation. As an area...
Paris Agreement

Food And Jobs From Fish Hinge On Paris Agreement

A new study highlights how achieving the Paris Agreement-global warming of no more than 1.5º Celsius over pre-industrial levels—would affect global fisheries. It is currently...
Miracle Baby

Miracle Baby Born With Two Heads Dies Soon, Parents Blamed

A miracle baby boy with two heads was born in India on Monday. The baby, whom the doctors described as a miracle, was born...
Top 10 Coldest Places

Top 10 Coldest Places In The World: Surviving The Most Ruthless Cold

Most people like the cold weather. But extreme cold could be brutal, harsh, and ruthless. It's pretty common for temperatures in some of the...
Silver-Backed Chevrotain

Silver-Backed Chevrotain Rediscovered Tiptoeing Through Vietnam

FOUND: Miniature Fanged 'Deer' Rediscovered Tiptoeing Through Vietnam’s Coastal Forests. First-ever Photos and Footage of Silver-backed Chevrotain Confirm First Rediscovery of Lost Mammal on...