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Sunday, August 9, 2020
UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting Map Displays Whether Aliens Are Present on Earth

Scientists haven’t proven whether aliens are real or not. However, in the last few years, everything regarding the existence of UFOs and aliens has...
Collision Of The Two Massive Galaxies 13 Billion Years Ago

Space Dust Could Have Transported Alien Insects To Earth

According to new research, space dust could have transported alien insects to Earth and terrestrial microbes to other planets in the universe. The scientists...

Source Of Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Found To Be A Tiny Galaxy

The strange and quick flashes of light that were first detected in 2007 have puzzled astronomers for almost a decade. Finally, scientists claim to...
Fertilizer Canada cleanup plan to address lead

EPA Proposes Cleanup Plan To Address Lead Contamination In Soil

EPA Proposes Cleanup Plan to Address Lead Contamination in Soil at the Matteo & Sons, Inc. Superfund Site in West Deptford, New Jersey EPA to...
Aliens SETI

New Dark Energy Discovery Suggests Alien Life In Other Universes

A group of scientists studying a mysterious force known as dark energy claim that alien life could exist in other universes. Theories regarding dark energy...
reminiscences of a stock operator pdf

Jupiter’s Twin Discovered In Constellation Cetus

A team of international scientists has discovered a twin of Jupiter in a solar system that is very much like our own. What's more,...
Must-See Destinations Of Natural Beauty Around The World

Must-See Destinations Of Natural Beauty Around The World

The top 15 natural wonders shaped by water and how climate change is impacting them Water is a precious resource and one of the fundamental...
Optical Fiber-Based Electron Gun

This Optical Fiber-Based Electron Gun Can See Through Atomic Motion

There are so many hidden discoveries for scientists to uncover, and one of them is how atomic motion looks like when observed directly at...
Leonid Meteor Shower

How To Prepare For The Leonid Meteor Shower?

If you're trying to prepare for the Leonid meteor shower, the good news is that this weekend is going to be spectacular. The Leonid meteor...