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Sunday, August 9, 2020

One-Third Of Rare Saiga Antelope Population Dies Suddenly

Scientists are reporting that more than 125,000 endangered saiga antelopes, by some estimates a third of the global Saiga population, have been wiped out...
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Virtual Reality Takes You To The Red Planet With Mars 2030

Between Facebook's investment in Oculus, Google's (Alphabet) stepping up of VR content on YouTube and a number of other efforts including by Pornhub to...

Medications Do Not Age Faster In Space [STUDY]

Conditions in space apparently do not have a major impact on medications. A recent study from the Baylor College of Medicine demonstrates that most...
Longest Straight-Line Pakistan russia

From Pakistan To Russia: The Longest Straight-Line You Can Sail On Earth Without Hitting...

Have you ever wondered what is the longest straight line a person could travel on the ocean without hitting land? One user on the...
Moon Capital

Mysterious Anomaly Beneath The Moon’s Crater Hints At Huge Discovery

Researchers have discovered a large mass of material which is located beneath the largest crater on the moon, which is also considered to be...

NASA Successfully Tests 3D Printed Rocket Engine Parts

NASA has successfully tested a rocket engine injector, produced with 3D printing, on a test stand at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama....
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NASA Finds LADEE Probe’s Grave

The probe, launched in September 2013 was sent to study the Moon's atmosphere and improve our knowledge of lunar dust. It successfully completed its...
Mars Alien Skeleton

Marginal Alien Website Claims Skeleton Sighting On Mars

A website called UFOSightingsDaily, is making claims that the Curiosity rover spotted skeletal remains on Mars in what can only be called a wild...
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Hummingbirds Flying Prowess Lessened By Moving Objects

New study takes some of the luster off the hummingbirds aerial abilities. A new study by researchers at the University of British Columbia shows that...
Intergalactic Fireworks

Hubble Space Telescope Captures Beautiful Intergalactic Fireworks

To celebrate Independence Day in the United States, NASA published images of some impressive intergalactic fireworks. The beautiful imagery was captured by NASA’s Hubble...
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Ghost Photobombs British Family Snap

The British family were looking through holiday photos when they come across the disconcerting evidence that ghosts do exist.
Bacteria In Our Guts Physical Performance

Bacteria In Our Guts Can Improve Physical Performance

It’s no secret that athletes train a lot to achieve their amazing results, but what is the boundary that sets average athletes apart from...
Living Ink

New Tech From MIT Allows For Living Ink Made Of Bacteria

Bacteria are an important part of the world we live in. They can be dangerous or beneficial, and they’re present in huge numbers all...
Bio Oil Beetles

How Scientists Made Better ‘Bio Oil’ From Trees Killed By Beetles

Scientists have created a new method for producing “bio oil” from trees killed by the mountain pine beetle. The new method is more cost-effective...
Oldest Animal Fossil

Earth’s Oldest Animal Fossil Discovered Using Its Fat

Scientists used ancient molecules of fat which they believe are 558 million years old to identify Earth's oldest animal fossil. This discovery gives more...