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Monday, July 13, 2020
NASA's Exoplanet Hunter

Flat-Earthers Claim Launch Of Falcon Heavy Is Fake

Last week we saw the SpaceX Falcon Heavy, the world’s most powerful rocket in operation, take off delivering a Tesla roadster into space with a...
BlackBerry Passport John Chen

Mantis Shrimp Inspires Design Of Futuristic Military Armor

The mantis shrimp is one of the most powerful, colorful and beautiful creatures. But you won't find them in a glass aquarium because of...
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Black Hole Collision Might Have Generated Light Flash

Astronomers have debated whether things go dark or whether there is a bright flash of light as a result of a collision between two...
Winter Solstice This Friday

The Long Night: Winter Solstice Comes This Friday

This year’s winter solstice will occur this Friday. Aside from marking the beginning of the coldest season of the year, the winter solstice also...
Ancient Fish Sex Beauty

Ancient Fish In Scottish Lake Were First To Have Sex: Scientists

The first act of sex took place about 385 million years ago in ancient lakes in Scotland. Scientists have discovered that an ancient fish...

Cancer’s Metabolism Might Be A Way To Kill It

Cancer Cells - Cancer's Metabolism Might Be A Way To Kill It by Leslie Orr-Rochester Sugar is the primary source of energy and fuel for...
Climate Change

Global Warming’s 15 Year Pause Explained By Scientists

A fifteen year pause in global warming has been puzzling scientists in recent years, but researchers are now claiming to have cracked the puzzle....
New Method Measures Forces In Stuff Like Gravel

New Method Measures Forces In Stuff Like Gravel

New Method Measures Forces In Stuff Like Gravel by Robert Perkins-Caltech Civil engineers have developed a new way to measure how forces move through...
Plant-Based Diets

Eating Plant-Based Diets To Feel Whole

Grocery stores today are filled with food-like products and very little actual food. When you’re trying to live a plant-based lifestyle, it can be...
Green LED Light

Can Green LED Light Ease Your Chronic Pain?

It wasn’t the first time that Mohab Ibrahim’s brother, Wael, had called complaining of a headache. Ibrahim suggested that he take some ibuprofen. Wael declined...
NASA's Asteroid-Sampling Probe

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Set A New Record Orbiting The Asteroid Bennu

The New Horizons spacecraft, which has now visited Pluto and the Kuiper belt, is not the only spacecraft to mark a major milestone on...
Voyager 2s Neptune Flyby

Voyager 2’s Neptune Flyby Marked 30 Year Anniversary

Voyager spacecraft have revealed a great portion of the solar system before the internet and new technologies. NASA announced on Sunday that Voyager 2's...
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Polar Bears, Arctic Animals Go North Because of Global Warming

Polar bears are no dummies. According to a recent study by zoologist Elizabeth Peacock of the U.S. Geological Society, polar bears and at least...
migratory birds

Migratory Birds Fly Away From Diseases

Analysing the genealogy of over 1300 songbird species enabled the researchers to establish that both sedentary birds, which do not leave northern Europe in...
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Karachi Could Be Underwater In 45 Years

Karachi residents could be in trouble if the sea continues to encroach upon the land in Pakistan, according to a Senate committee. Scientists believe...