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Saturday, September 26, 2020

NSA Angry Birds Revelations Should Not Be Seen As Trivial

The letters NSA form one acronym that has barely been out of the news over the last few months. Since the exposés of Edward...
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Statement from VPC on The Death of George Floyd

Amid the ongoing protests across the nation in response to the tragic and unnecessary death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other Black...

Mark Mobius: Risks, Opportunities And Adventures In Borneo

Recently my colleagues and I traveled to Sarawak, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. Shared with Indonesia and Brunei, Borneo is a huge island...

Mursi launches “Save in Egypt” campaign to support economy

President Mohamed Mursi on Wednesday launched a campaign under the name "Save in Egypt" to encourage all Egyptian expatriates to support national economy by...
U.S financial system executive actions climate Climate Resolutions renewable power purchase agreements

IEEFA: Tech giants’ investment in renewable power purchase agreements pays off in current climate

25 March 2020 (IEEFA): A new IEEFA briefing note out today finds the largest tech giants have all committed to renewable energy targets and...

Nelson Mandela Quotes And Photos: A Way To Remember

Nelson Mandela (Twitter), former President of South Africa and Nobel Peace Prize winner, has died at age of 95. Below is a collection of...
U.S. Healthcare Spending

Could Managed Care Companies Help Offset Rising Healthcare Costs?

Could Managed Care Companies Help Offset Rising Healthcare Costs? by Harlan Sonderling, Columbia Threadneedle Investments The managed care industry is consolidating, with three mergers announced...
Finance companies

A Big Hurdle Do-Good Companies Face

Saerom Lee, The University of Texas at San Antonio; Karen Winterich, Pennsylvania State University, and Lisa E Bolton, Pennsylvania State University Have you ever wondered...
Anti-Dollar Alliance, Mega-Banks

The Numbers Are In And Cash Transfers Don’t Work

Government transfers of cash to individuals and families have received increased attention in recent weeks, possibly because the presidential election revealed a disgruntled working class...
reminiscences of a stock operator pdf

Ryan Boosts Romney & Prepares For Campaign Against Obama In Iowa

It was a joyful day for Paul Ryan as he took the stage on Sunday. He wiped tears from his eyes as thousands of...
North Korea Kim Jong un

North Korea Has Developed Hydrogen Bomb, Claims Kim Jong-Un

North Korea, which a few months ago threatened to 'invade the US,' now claims to possess a hydrogen bomb. North Korean supreme leader Kim...

Whither Azerbaijan’s Islamists?

Whither Azerbaijan's Islamists? by EurasiaNet The overall atmosphere in Azerbaijan is grim when it comes to freedom of speech and freedom of conscience. Yet, the...

Turmoil in Venezuela

About a year ago, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died. Although the political system was ostensibly democratic during his reign in office, Chavez was a...
Fannie Mae Common Securitization Platform Fannie Mae Mortgage Insurance

Fannie Mae: Gov’t Preps For Trial Before Sweeney

Fannie Mae: Gov't Preps For Trial Before Sweeney by Todd Sullivan, ValuePlays The government filed the below motion today before Judge Sweeney (H/T Peter Chapman) APPLICATION...

Will Yellen Learn from Greenspan?

Will Yellen Learn from Greenspan? By EconMattersEconMatters has been critical of Fed's new found dovishness.    Judging from the FOMC statement released on Wednesday Dec....