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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Weekly Sentiment Poll – Bullish technicals has been trending up in recent weeks,

Here's a quick note looking at some charts created using data from the latest weekly equity sentiment poll I've been running.  As a reminder,...

A visual breakdown of VC activity in 3Q 2015

George Gaprindashvili / 17 hours ago Continuing our quarter-end coverage of PE, VC and M&A activity in 3Q 2015, here we take a look...
Technology Startup Universe

The Technology Startup Universe Explained In 27 Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today’s infographic is the perfect primer on the world of technology startups. From people just learning about the sector to those well-established in Silicon...

Renting Versus Investing

Original article on UPFINA.com The conventional wisdom during the baby boom generation was that buying a house was a ticket to financial freedom. Because policy...

How To Protect Yourself From Bubbles

Ten years after the greatest bubble-burst in modern market history – which we can’t stop talking about – there’s a bull market in bubbles. ...

The Gendernomics Of Retirement Saving [INFOGRAPHIC]

Men and women have different financial habits in many areas of life, but new research in Vanguard's How America Saves 2014 report indicates that...
Short-Term Volatility

It’s Quiet…Too Quiet

Financial markets in 2017 have been unrattled by events that would normally cause at least short-term volatility. It has been quiet — possibly too...
Inflection Point For Stocks & Bonds

The Inflection Point For Stocks And Bonds?

Original article on TimeMoney.com Whenever there’s an indicator which has a great track record, there are investors who disagree with it, providing logical criticism. It’s...
reminiscences of a stock operator pdf

Men Spend More Than Women On Valentine’s Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know the average man spends $168.74 while the average woman spends $85.76 on his/her significant other on Valentine's Day? Check out these and other eye-opening statistics...

Infographic: Twitter Acquisition? Four potential suitors

Infographic: Twitter Acquisition? Four potential suitors
IRS logo

IRS-Gate: Bureaucratic Blunder Or Political Profiling? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The IRS has a known history of scandalous behavior. With Nixon, Johnson, Hoover, Kennedy, and the FBI using the IRS to intimidate their enemies,...
Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley Giants’ Secrets To Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

Anyone that wants to make it big in Silicon Valley and beyond would be wise to emulate those that have gone before them. Fortunately...

A forgotten indicator in China

A curious trend is underway in what might be called a forgotten indicator in China.  If you recall the so-called "Li Keqiang Index" it...

Android 101: Features, Tips and Tricks [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today, Android has skillfully left all competing mobile operating systems behind and tops the list of the most favored operating system in the world....

How Much Water Are We Wasting? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Water plays an important role in the lives of most living beings. Though it is abundant on planet earth, 97% is salt water and...